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How to delete a page on the site. How to hide duplicate pages from search engines. Where are the duplicates on the site and why they need to be deleted. Examples of hiding duplicate pages on CMC Wordpress.
What is hypertext? The definition of hypertext. Hypertext in the scientific literature. Hypertext in computer science. Placing hyperlinks on the Internet. The value of hypertext in the development of modern literature and the Internet.
How to connect the monitor to the TV? What you need to do to connect the monitor to the TV. What are the connections, connectors and cables to connect the monitor and TV to the computer.
How to read the bible. A few recommendations for reading the bible to beginners. The Bible is a book of God and in order to understand what is written there, first of all you need to turn your consciousness to God. Only then will you discover the truth that is recorded in this book of books.
How to make a photo of the old? How to age a photo using Photoshop. The effects of old photos in Photoshop.How to make an old one out of a new photo using filters and photoshop brushes.
How to know the screen resolution. How to know the screen resolution of your monitor on a computer or mobile phone. Instructions on what services and tools you can find out the screen resolution.
How to install windows 7 font? Brief instructions for installing new fonts on your computer. What are additional fonts installed for and where can I download download fonts for windows 7. Read all about this in our article.
How to plow walker? Learning to plow together with a walker. Learn how to properly adjust the walker. A few recommendations for setting up the tiller before plowing the garden.
Not sure how to copy the link? It is hardly difficult. You just need to know some of the features of the context menu. This is not a difficult action and, as a rule, once done, is remembered for a lifetime. There are several ways to copy a link to the clipboard, even if the right mouse button is disabled.
How to determine file format? How to determine the file format if it is not visible in Windows Explorer? How to determine the format of a video file if it does not play in the player? How to find out the file extension if it is not known? Answers - in the article!

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