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Pros and cons of hot body scrubs

A beautiful body and velvet skin at any age is the dream of every woman. And the further we go beyond the 20 years mark, the more exciting this question is. It is not a secret for anyone that only due to a balanced diet, physical activity and properly selected care products it is possible to preserve the youth of the skin and its attractive appearance.

Today we will not be reminded of harmful products and mandatory daily exercises, a lot has been said about this. We will talk about effective means that together with all of the above will help get rid of the hated "orange peel". It's about hot scrubs.

Neither fossa nor tubercle

First, let's understand what is cellulite, and why it gives women a lot of problems. Many people mistakenly believe that cellulite is an exclusively cosmetic problem, and only lazy women of the fair sex cannot get rid of it.Another common myth is that only overweight girls suffer from this “trouble”.

In fact, the problem is much more serious, and lies in the violation of internal processes - the outflow of lymph (and, as a consequence, its stagnation) and the slowing of blood circulation in the vessels. All this leads to the formation of the legendary “orange peel”, which almost everyone knows about.

Thus, it becomes clear that cellulite can appear even in the very thin girl, if the body has failed.

The cosmetic industry succeeds in producing all kinds of products that help solve such problems. And so hot scrubs began to appear in pharmacies and store shelves.

How do they differ from conventional cosmetic products? First of all, in the direction of action. If ordinary abrasive compounds are used for deep cleansing of the skin in order to get rid of dead particles, the hot ones, thanks to special components, are aimed at eliminating cellulite and losing weight.

In addition to the usual abrasive particles (sea salt, coffee grounds, algae powder, corals, fruit bones), they contain such warming substances for the body as:

  • red or black pepper;
  • cinnamon;
  • mustard;
  • caffeine;
  • essential oils.

To get the desired result, apply such compounds need massage movements. This will help the active substances to penetrate the problem areas faster and begin their impact.

A decisive blow to the bumpy skin is the combination of hot scrub with wrapping. Such an effective method helps to reduce the waiting time by half. But it is important to follow the rules and consistency.

First, a scrub is applied to the skin, combining it with a massage, the body is wrapped with food film, and then the remnants are removed with warm water.

You need to be in such a state for several minutes, tingling and a slight burning sensation is a normal skin reaction, but if you feel that it has increased too much, do not tolerate it, otherwise you risk getting a burn.

"Pros and cons"

Now it's time to learn about the positive and negative aspects of such beauty procedures. Let's start with the benefits:

  • after 2-3 sessions, the use of cellulite becomes less noticeable;
  • skin becomes more elastic;
  • In addition to the cosmetic effect, the body is also cleared of toxins and slags.

But hot scrubs have their disadvantages:

  • if used improperly, there is a risk of burns;
  • the tool must not be used for varicose veins;
  • maximum effect is achieved only under the condition of an integrated approach to the problem.

It is not recommended to use such a remedy for cellulite and those who have wounds, irritations and pustules on the skin.

Do it yourself

Do not be upset if you do not have enough money to attend sessions in salons or expensive mixes in stores. They can be easily prepared with their own hands, and it will be much cheaper. We are pleased to tell you how to make them.

Classical. You will need the following ingredients for it:

  • olive oil - 50 ml;
  • fine sea salt - 3 tbsp.
  • ground red pepper - 2 tsp.

Heat the oil with pepper in the water bath for 10-15 minutes, let cool and add salt.

With clay.Inexpensive and easy-to-prepare product, the result of which is comparable with salon procedures. Take:

  • salt (sea or stone) - 1 tbsp. l .;
  • clay - 2 tbsp.
  • citrus essential oil.

Add hot water to the clay and dilute to a pasty consistency, add salt and drip a little oil.Stir well and apply a home scrub.

Express option.If the skin needs to be put in order quickly, this recipe will help:

  • sea ​​salt - 50 g;
  • grapefruit juice - 50 ml;
  • a bit of an ordinary shower gel.

Mix all the ingredients and heat in a water bath. Allow to cool slightly and proceed with application.

Which one to buy?

But if you prefer not to waste time on cooking, then you can safely go to the store. Among the variety of options offered, it is worth noting the following:

  • Orange Slim. This is a joint development of Russian and French cosmetologists. The composition of the active ingredients are caffeine and pepper oil. Will be pleased and the price that does not exceed 150 rubles.
  • Fitness body from Floresan. This product has gained extraordinary popularity. It includes a large number of effective components: oils, including cinnamon, caffeine, algae extract, green tea and pepper. Such a "cocktail" will definitely bring visible results. Price - about 250-300 rubles.
  • Hot salt scrub from Natura Siberica. Another domestic tool, manufacturers of which promise a smooth, smooth skin, thanks to abrasive particles and warming components.These are several types of oils (palm, coconut, mint, rosemary), honey and juniper extract. But "natural pleasure" and expensive - about 650 rubles.

The struggle for the perfect body is not an easy task. But smooth and velvety skin is the best reward. Be beautiful and happy!

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