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Prince William copies the tricks of the upbringing of Princess Diana.

The father of many children still remembers what his mother did when they all came out together.

Princess Diana died tragically 21 years ago, on August 31, 1997. Her children were teenagers then. Now they are adults, both are married, and the eldest, 36-year-old William, himself managed to become a father - three times. And, as it turned out, he perfectly remembers the tricks his mother used. The prince himself applies them - already in the education of his own children.

prince william and princess diana
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In particular, Prince William never neglects the rule of "eye contact." When they are in public with the whole family, he leans over the children or sits on one knee - so that their eyes are on the same level. Then he explains to them what is happening around; says that they should not be frightened by camera flashes and the fuss that starts around them.

In the palace they say that it was precisely such tactics that Princess Diana used. She always tried to make sure that Princes William and Harry were comfortable and would not be afraid of noise and flashes. Kate Middleton, by the way, now adheres to the same strategy.

“William is trying to do everything that, in his opinion, is important in family life. He seeks to create around his children the same atmosphere of love, care and fun that his mother created, ”said a source close to the royal environment, People Magazine.

Prince William and Son George
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Diana tried to be with her sons on an equal footing. It is said that she was the first member of the royal family, which chose this strategy of education.

“You need to be on par with small children. They should respect their parents, but as parents, not as kings, ”Diana was sure.

When a documentary was filmed about the princess, the Duke of Cambridge shared his memories of his mother.

“She was very informal. Genuinely enjoyed the laughter and fun. I often tell my children about their grandmother as she was. She adored children, but sometimes was a sheer nightmare for servants. I burst into the bathroom while swimming, arranged a whole performance when soap bubbles, water and foam were everywhere, and then disappeared just as rapidly, ”said Prince William.


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