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Prince Charles tells me what he really thinks about Megan Markle

The words of his father Harry told the source from the palace.

According to rumors, the royal family was completely unhappy with the happy event in the life of Prince Harry - his marriage to an American actress in divorce. But charming Megan Markle seems to be more and more fascinating to her new family members.

For example, sources tell the foreign press that even with Elizabeth Megan was able to establish excellent relations. And now the words of Harry's father, Prince Charles, appeared in the press. And he is clearly pleased with the choice of his son!

"Megan is the best thing that has happened to Harry," the source told the words of Prince Charles.

However, he supported the newlyweds and on the day of their wedding - it was Prince Charles who led Megan Markle to the altar.

“He’s very gentle on Megan,” the source also said.

Recall Megan and Harry were married May 19, 2018 in the chapel of St. George Windsor Castle. The prince looked very tenderly at his newly-made wife, but with the queen’s disgruntled face later even memes appeared - according to rumors, Elizabeth didn’t appreciate her grandson’s choice.


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