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Poems about school for children - short beautiful texts about lessons, teachers and directors. Examples of funny, comic poems about primary school

Beautiful and touching poems about school are a wonderful illustration of the life of students, telling in detail what happens to boys and girls, starting from the day they come to grade 1 and ending with the last bell and graduation ball. From these fun and sometimes funny and humorous short works, young preschool children will learn about teachers, lessons, the director and all the funny situations that happen in the classes. And those funny, very warm and touching rhymed lines remind those who have left school years long ago about the wonderful time spent at the desk, next to their beloved classmates and attentive,caring teachers.

Short and beautiful poems about the school for children 5-6 years - examples of texts

Children 5-6 years old refer to the school with some fear, trembling and curiosity. All these feelings are mixed in the soul of boys and girls of preschool age, forcing them to worry about their future in the walls of the school. On the one hand, kids want as quickly as possible to become full members of this bright, interesting and mysterious world, and on the other, there is some doubt whether they can join the new team, understand all the school rules and find good, true friends.


Disseminate children's experiences will help short, beautiful poems about the school, which can be learned with the child and at home, and in kindergarten. Melodious poetic lines will tell about what awaits future first-graders in the classroom and suggest how to quickly get involved in an exciting and multifaceted student life. To avoid problems with the text, you need to select a short work with a clear tact and several times with an expression to read it to the preschooler. Kids at the age of 5-6 years are well aware of the information by ear and, literally, on the fly remember simple rhymed couplets.The study of such works helps to get used to the idea of ​​school and contributes to the rapid adaptation of the child to the new conditions that await him in the classroom.


Not hot sun warmed,
Forests are still dressed.
First graders have bouquets.
Even though the day is sad, but fun!
You are sad: - Good-bye, summer! -
And you rejoice: - Hello, school!


The desk is waiting for me, first
Waiting for lessons
Waiting for friends.
Will be in school not to laziness,
There I am in a new country
Affairs and knowledge and skills
Journey start.
Nature is waiting for forest and field!
After all, let's go camping more than once ...
Waiting for me five in school
The whole first class is waiting for me!


Here I wake up early in the morning,
I'll take a look at my portfolio at once.
There are books in it,
And a notebook with a square.
Lie down to sleep a simple boy,
And suddenly I wake up a schoolboy.

Poems about the school in 1 class - works in 4 lines for girls and boys


First graders feel at school for beginners for a long time and often worry about their status. In order to neutralize this condition and help boys and girls to quickly get started and join a friendly student family, teachers try to maximally involve them in various creative activities.Performances of children from class 1 must be included in the program of solemn rulers, various holidays and cheerful matinees. For this purpose, children learn funny and lively poems about school, lessons, teachers and all sorts of funny situations that occur in the learning process. In order to participate as many first-graders as possible for the recitation, choose short pieces in four lines that are easily remembered and are well perceived by ear. With pride when reading them in front of other students and teaching staff, the kids feel like a full-fledged part of a large and friendly school family, get used to being in the center of attention and stop complexes about their inexperience.


Without knowledge in life you will not achieve
All that I want to have.
And at school you will stock up on experience
So that in the future I could look.


My friends are sitting at the next desk,
After all, at school we are all like one family.
After all, school has become our second home,
Equally important and dear /


I love to study very much
And I go to school with joy.
After all, there I get knowledge
And I believe with them: I can do everything!

Short funny poems about school - comic texts for students of grades 2-4


Students in grades 2–4 already feel confident and calm in school. They are no longer afraid of communication with teachers, the transition from one classroom to another and the mocking glances of high school students. Children of 8-10 years with great pleasure take part in all school activities and prepare for the holidays original and funny numbers. On matinees, rulers and classroom hours, boys and girls perform short funny poems about school and complement funny, humorous texts with vivid performances, clearly illustrating the content of the works. Such mini-performances pleasantly diversify the performances and make the official celebrations more vivid and memorable.

Funny poems about school life fit perfectly into the format of various children's competitions and art shows designed to help students demonstrate their talents. They also make a pleasant impression on their parents. Moms and dads are happy to contemplate their offspring on stage and are proud of the fact that their sons and daughters are not ashamed to speak to the public.


We are today for an hour
Cleaned up a new class.
Hundred pieces of paper from the toffee
Hundred stubs and notes
Found out with us.

There were only three lessons
Not five
And not six.
How have we managed so much
Write, read and eat? !!


Can I work with such a board
And dad, she never dreamed of!
Spent lightly on the screen -
And immediately the picture changed.

I stand at the blackboard, no chalk in my hands
And somehow with the decision tight,
Why is it impossible in any way?
Contact friend's cell phone:

From Vova's mobile phone - and immediately answer
Appearing on the board would be instant,
Why is this feature not?
And it should be sure!


Tuesday brought the bed -
I could not wake up in time.
The day before yesterday I forgot my briefcase
There was a banana in it - I had to return.
In his mistakes figured out
Today I wanted to come on time
But overclocked too much
And passed by the school.

Beautiful children's poems about the school and the teachers on the anniversary of the school - texts and videos


School jubilee is a special day for each student, no matter which class he attends. For this celebration carefully prepare and make up an interesting, bright and original holiday program. To participate in the celebration necessarily attract all the guys from babies-pervachok to serious students of graduation classes.With children, they learn melodious, beautiful songs and inspirational, quivering poems that congratulate the native educational institution with a wonderful jubilee. The school and teaching staff wish prosperity, success and many good, kind, diligent, dedicated and talented students who, having successfully learned, will turn into experienced, classy specialists and glorify their Alma Mater, not only in the whole country, but in the whole world.


The school now notes
Glorious, notable anniversary.
From the heart I congratulate
Children of all, teachers.

Let our temple of science grow,
Gives joy to all and light
After all, our school is more beautiful
Similarly, in the city anyway.


Our school is a wisdom constellation,
Knowledge for all children is useful,
Kind always teachers,
And the director is at the helm!

We congratulate the school on its anniversary.
We wish to flourish and prettier
To everyone who works - health and good luck,
Joyful, cheerful laughter, childish!

Let everyone love school dear,
Strict but kind such
Will not run out of the wisdom of generations,
And success every moment!


At school favorite anniversary has come.
Let's congratulate her soon.
Let her flourish as now
And only good people let out!

Let every teacher be a particle of the soul
In the work will bring and reach the peaks.
Let all students love school,
And the lessons will be simple and easy!

Example of congratulations to the school with the anniversary in verse on video

How beautiful, touching and at the same time informative to congratulate our home school on the anniversary, vividly demonstrates the video clip posted below. Students of different classes take part in the presentation. With an expression, they read aloud poems about the glorious history of their school and wish the school success, good luck and prosperity.

Goodbye poems about elementary school for graduation in grade 4

Graduation in 4th grade is a significant and important holiday for ten-year students. On this day, they say goodbye to the elementary school and move to a completely new stage of life. After the summer holidays, future fifth-graders will be met by new teachers, the workloads will increase and the volume of subjects will be much larger. But all this will begin only in three months, and today at the graduation the boys and girls sincerely rejoice at the end of the school year and read kind and sweet poems in which they say goodbye to their classroom, the first teacher and other teachers, who have become almost relatives in 4 years.In the touching rhymed lines, the guys promise to always remember their mentors and this wonderful time that gave so many bright, pleasant and unforgettable moments.



Four years behind -
We leave with you childhood
We are waiting for success ahead,
But not with you, together!
Let us go the other way we
There will be many teachers
But the way you were taught
None of us will ever forget!
We will remember your outfit
And your fiery speeches
Your smile and your look
And all the lessons, our meetings!

- Mom dear!
- Daddy dear!
- I became big!
- I became big!
- here are four classes
We have already finished
- Us fives red
You are not in vain prophesied!
- We promise further we
Fives to receive!
- Promise you now
In all of us help!
- Promise in fifth grade
Together to lead us!
- After all, success only us
Wait only ahead!


Thank you for the warmth and for your attention,
For being with us every hour
For caress and simple understanding,
For what you taught us cool!
We began to think more deeply, more broadly,
You and I have become more intelligent, smarter.
And they realized that in this mortal world
You are all kinder of teachers!
We go to the fifth class, but not with you,
You will see the new children in September,
We could listen, see you for hours,
Now you are standing at the door.
And accompany us to the secondary school
Handkerchief tears wipe soon
We know that your heart hurts,
So, you are beautiful.

To tears, touching poems about school from famous poets


Many famous poets devote their work to school and compose beautiful, sublime and touching poems about it. Pupils memorize them and recite them at various official and ceremonial events dedicated to the beginning or end of the school year, anniversary or graduation holiday. Inspirational works sound surprisingly heartfelt and sink into every person in the very soul. Both children and adults are thrilled in the heart and through themselves pass melodious rhymed lines. After all, for all people, regardless of age, gender and social status, the years spent behind a desk are especially expensive and always bring only the warmest emotions and joyful memories.


That was many years ago.
I, too, for the first time
With a crowd of peers-guys
Came to school.

I was also given a lesson
And they called to the blackboard
And I solved it as best I could,
Holding a chalk in his hand.

Rush school year,
And do not catch them.
But I meet sometimes
Comrades of their own.

One is a sailor, the other is a tanker,
And the third is an engineer,
Fourth - circus artist,
And the fifth is a surveyor,

The sixth is the polar captain,
Seventh - art historian
Eighth - our announcer, Levitan,
Ninth - me, the poet.

And we, meeting each time
We are talking about school ...
- Do you remember how they taught us
And how did I not know where the Caucasus is,
And you did not know where the Crimea?

As I tried to suggest
To help out friend,
Whats five eight eight forty five
And that Elbrus is a river?

We became adults now,
We do not return childhood.
We school in life opened the door
And pointed the way.

But escorting to school class
Now my children
We remember every time
About his youth,

About our school over the river,
On the classroom with two windows.
In the world there was no such
Good as she is!

Sergey Mikhalkov


Little people
Meets new
School year.

In the morning on the sidewalks,
Down the street any
Guys are coming
In pairs

Who drags
To classes
Homemade receiver,
Who are butterflies
And who - a live squirrel.

Here with a brother-first-grader
Sister walks nearby.
Girl entrusted
For the younger brother.

Yes, he himself
More than once
To my little sister
In the fifth grade
Will glances by all means
In a big change!

... They are walking in a crowd
With bags in hand,
Untouched notebooks
Purely in the diaries.
They rush to call
And they are cheerfully yelling.

And adults
From the windows
With a smile look.


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