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Plasticine weapons

And boys, and even many girls, often use weapons in their games. Considering that while they are playing with figures of different sizes, it is not always possible to choose a weapon that fits in size, and the only solution to this problem is to make it yourself.

The easiest way to make a weapon is plasticine: it is easy to pick the right one size and make exactly the kind of weapon you need for a particular game. It is enough to show the child once how to make a weapon of plasticine, and he will be able to do it every time there is a need for a new model.

 Plasticine gun

Plasticine gun

For the first time, it is better to use ordinary clay: its shape can always be corrected. And in the future, kids can sculpt weapons from self-hardening masses for modeling - in this case, it will be durable and more convenient to play. As a teaching master class, you can demonstrate how to model an unusual and rather complex model of weapons from the Second World War — an anti-tank gun.

which depicts a real weapon that our ancestors fought against the fascist invaders.


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