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Solid jeans began to seem boring to you? Add new interesting accessories

A pair of good jeans that fit perfectly on the figure and emphasize all the advantages of its owner is a real treasure. Some models are so good that for many years they remain in excellent condition. A simple classic design can not be considered a drawback. But if plain jeans began to seem boring to you, add new interesting accessories, such as sequin pockets.

The most convenient way to work with the finished fabric, trimmed with sequins. You can buy a small piece in the store, or cut from an old T-shirt or dress. It is important that all sequins be in place. In a pinch, you can sew a couple with another piece of fabric. The width of the piece should be equal to the height of the pocket from the corner to the edge (no hem allowance).

Be sure to work with real tailor's scissors.Paillettes are very difficult to cut off if you are not working with a sharp enough tool - the edges can break or break away from the fabric base.

Transfer the outline of your pocket to paper. To do this, attach the paper or tracing paper to the jeans and apply it around the edges. Draw the lines with a pencil. Cut out a paper pattern and attach to jeans to make sure that the edges of the pockets do not protrude from under the paper.

Cut fabric blanks with sequins. You do not need to leave allowances for seams and bends for this material. But if you want to sew pockets of other fabrics, such as velvet, keep in mind that the patches need to be processed along the edges.

Sew patches to your pockets using a hidden seam. The threads for this work can be selected in the color of the sequins, and you can use a thin fishing line. If you are working fishing line, melt the edge of the thread a little with a lighter, instead of tying a knot.


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