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Picture frames

The daughter is fond of drawing, and really draws well. True, mostly small paintings. I want to frame them. Advise where to order.
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Answered 5 May 21:49
It seems to me that it will be very nice to look, if the daughter's drawings are arranged in a wooden frame. And they cost quite a bit, so you can not select the best, but arrange all the drawings. I think my daughter will be very happy that Dad appreciates her work so highly. Look, maybe you are satisfied with the cost of the framework on this site.
Answered on May 5 21:52
You can try to make a frame for pictures. I once did for my daughter's drawings for an exhibition in kindergarten a frame made of polystyrene foam ceiling plinth. It turned out cheap and angry.
Answered on May 5 22:04
By the way, since such a binge has already gone, you can still make a framework from MDF plinsuses or even from laminate. True, it will be seen that this is a self-made framework. But you did not specify, you for hanging pictures in the house or for other purposes?
Natalia Kozachok
Natalia Kozachok
Answered on August 4 20:34
I do not understand why making homemade frames from the plinth? Is that a shortage that cannot be bought in a store? I recently looked for where you can buy cheap paintings and found one interesting online store. There are not only paintings, posters, etc., but also ready-made frames, and even wall mountings.

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