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Physical development of the baby

My little boy is one year old. My husband and I buy many developing toys for him, but it seems to me that there are not enough pyramids and cubes and music books for him, the child must develop physically. What toys do you recommend to buy for the physical development of the child?


If the child is only a year old, then nothing needs to be bought specifically for physical development. The child will develop normally, if you just pay more attention to him, play with him with his favorite toys.

Buy your child a beautiful bright ball, it will make the baby move more. Cycling contributes well to physical development, but for now, it’s too early for your little son to buy a bike.

Well, why, it depends on what bike to talk. Although recently it was just that - bicycles were available only for older children. And imagine such a tricycle with a handle for parents, and with a folding backresthttp://www.velolux.ru/velosiped-trexkolesnyij-super-formula.html. Bike Super Formula is something between a stroller and a bicycle, and is designed for children from 1 year. Therefore, even a one-year-old baby will be able to make friends with such a bike.

I agree with you completely

and how about running? As for me, this is a great thing for this age. I ordered his daughter here.https://babadu.ru/store/1814/826-2-goda/, it is steady, good weaving and at the same time is convenient for kids, I think from it any child will be satisfied

The child is very important to buy quality toys.

Yes, go to the store. Now a lot of variety about this.

We visit the pool once a week.

swimming pool with an instructor or self study?

Of course, it is very important that the child develops comprehensively, but it seems to me at such a small age that you do not specifically need to buy anything for physical development. Is that some kind of gurney, cars, cars for riding them. It is more important for the child that you are always there, helping and captivating him. In the year we bought various sorter and liners like cups to our son. He liked to push different figures into the holes. He also liked to build houses and garages for cars from cubes.


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