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Petunia splendor: lush vertical flower bed in the garden

Petunia is a wonderful summer plant, pleasing the owners with its pomp, bright colors and relative unpretentiousness. That's why she was so fond of summer residents - the petunia bush looks charming! But a much more impressive petunia looks in a vertical landing, namely in a high flowerbed. Here she can dissolve her flowers from all sides of the flower beds and please the owners every day with her gorgeous view.

To repeat this vertical flower bed, you should take:

  • petunia seedlings;
  • suitable soil;
  • metal grating (sold for fencing in household and building stores);
  • metal pipe with a diameter of 8-10 cm (holes should be made in it);
  • film.

The work is quite simple, albeit a multi-step process: it is required to roll the grate, forming a cylinder with a diameter slightly smaller than the diameter of the pot in which the petunia will stand. Then the standard drainage is made into the pot, the ground is filled up, the grate is installed.Inside the grid is lined with a film in which holes are made (after falling asleep soil). The soil is poured in, a tube is installed and a petunia is planted.


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