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People who are over 40, how did you get acquainted when there was no internet? :-) And how did you live without it?

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At the dance, we got to know each other, to the cinema, and just outside. Do not believe it, but my girlfriend got married after going to the library. She handed over the books after the session and met her future husband, also a student. So even without the Internet, they found ways))) And about how they lived, they lived well. I think the Internet only interferes with communication, but does not contribute. Everyone sat down near their computers and forgot how to communicate live. But I will not blame the Internet as a whole, because it is a very useful thing, if you use it wisely. I also mastered it and I know that I can quickly find an answer to any question). But I still for live communication. therefore, I don�t allow my daughter to sit at the monitor for much time, and there are plenty of other activities.

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