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Papillon is an interesting breed of small dogs.

It is difficult to imagine life without chetyrelapyh pets. They bring joy and pleasure, allowing to show care and love. The dog has long become a loyal friend and helper person, but, unfortunately, it is not always possible to keep a big dog in the apartment, and you want it so much. In this case, you can get a small, but very intelligent and cheerful puppy Papillon. He is smart, handsome and loves children. This is a great option if the child has long been asking for a pet.

Court pets

Its official name sounds like “Continental Toy Spaniel”, and Papillon in French means “butterfly”. And indeed, if you look at this lovely creature, it seems that its fluffy ears resemble the wings of an exotic moth. For a long time, dogs of this breed were very popular among noble grandees. Their masters at different times were Marie-Antoinette, Madame de Pompadour and even King of France Louis XIV.

Little fluffy creatures were not only beautiful outwardly, but also had a beautiful character, without a drop of aggression, because they peacefully rested on the best and soft pillows next to the throne of the master. But even though France is considered the birthplace of papillons, they were brought there from Spain and Italy.

Main varieties

These lapdogs are very mobile, which is very pleasing to everyone who is going to play with them. Today, there are two species of breed, which are presented in the photo:

  • papillon (with erect ears);
  • falen (with hanging ears).

Both species have a low growth, within 30 cm, a pointed muzzle and two weight categories - 1.5-2.5 kg and 2.5-5 kg.

Papillons have thick, long and soft wool, the main color is white with various markings.

Character Properties

Papillon love the company, because for a long time to leave them alone do not recommend. Their purpose is constant communication with the person. In this regard, fourfold friends have several features that distinguish them from other breeds.

  1. At any age the Papillon is very active and curious.
  2. He is easy to train and quickly executes basic commands.
  3. Even if the family has a cat, you can be calm, Papillon will necessarily make friends with him.
  4. Be prepared for the fact that any, even a small noise that will alert the dog, will cause barking. With this you can not fight, and you do not have to scold the pet, he bark at anything that seems suspicious to him.
  5. It is worth watching the game of children with a dog, because animals, especially puppies, are rather fragile, and the child, playing around, can harm them.
  6. In case of illness, it is worth remembering that this breed is very sensitive to anesthesia, consider this when planning any surgical interventions.

Care in return for affection

This little home animal requires special attention. Because of the long coat, he needs constant combing, at least 3 times a month, and during moulting every day.

They bathe the animal as it gets dirty. In the process, you can use a special shampoo for dogs or even ordinary, which you use yourself. The only rule is to wash it off thoroughly, otherwise the wool will become dull and will quickly stray. Claws need to be cut periodically, as well as to clean the ears and teeth. This affects the general health of the pet.

If you know that you sometimes may not be able to walk a dog, you can accustom him to the tray. Papillons are very clean, so you do not have to clean up after his absence.

Walking is another important aspect of care. Since the animal is very frisky, he definitely needs to put his energy somewhere, it is best to do it on the street. A fourfold friend will be grateful for two walks a day.

Give a meal!

Having brought home a little doggie, you should familiarize yourself with the basic requirements for its nutrition. First of all, you need to have two bowls - for food and water. Water should always be clean and fresh. Food can be put for a pet only at the time of food, not leaving in a bowl for later.

Mandatory rule - the plate should be at such a height that the puppy's head was not raised and not too lowered. This is done to properly form the cervical vertebrae.

Up to 2 months, the dog should be fed 6 times a day, gradually reducing the number of feedings. After 9 months, the optimal regime is 2 times a day. Initially, you should choose the type of feeding - dry food or natural products. You can switch from one type to another, only without mixing them with each other.

Papillon is a great friend who is very attached to his master.With proper upbringing, he will always delight you with his obedience, and playing together will bring pleasure to both the pet and you.

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