What are the fashion bags

What are the fashion bags? Any outfit can be considered complete with the appropriate accessories. And this addition is the constant companion of any girl and woman - bag. Designers offers for 2013 are very diverse. What bags are relevant in winter 2013 Let.

How to cure a cold on the lip

How to cure a cold on the lip? Alena Mikhailova January 13, 2015 Cold on the lips, or, as it is scientifically called, herpes, spoils not only the appearance, but also the mood. However, you should not despair, since there are many means by.

Problems with her husband

a guest13.12.16 09:57 Problems with her husband Hello. My husband and I live 5 years of marriage, we have three children. At first, everything was fine, he helped me around the house, if I was tired or sick, he just said that I would.

How to charm a guy on the photo

How to charm a guy on a photo? Love is the brightest and most beautiful feeling. But if love is unrequited, it can bring a lot of heartache and frustration. Out of desperation, many girls decide on extreme measures and seek the object of.

Mushroom mushroom canning

Mushroom mushroom canning Mushroom mushroom conservation: Mushroom mushrooms are stored for processing for no more than 8 hours, they are washed, inspected, and the wormy and overripe are removed; then clean the surface of the hats and roots. After cleaning, they are washed again.

How to log into BIOS on a laptop

How to enter the BIOS on a laptop? Andrey Kim April 28, 2015 BIOS (BIOS) - a special section of the PC, which sets the basic settings of the system. Guided by BIOS data, the computer understands where it will boot from, which options.

How to treat stomach pain

How to treat stomach pain You will need - warm compress; - rice; - ginger; - honey; - painkillers. Instruction The easiest way to combat stomach pain is a warm compress. Prepare a heating pad or a tight bag filled with warm water and.

What to bring from Israel

What to bring from Israel? Israel is a multi-faceted country. Therefore, you can bring from it not only souvenirs, but also cosmetics, wine, various foodstuffs and decorations. To understand the diversity, we will try to highlight in our article all the options for gifts.

What to do if hair is dry

What to do if hair is dry Instruction Choose the right shampoos and balms designed only for dry hair. Their feature is the high content of minerals and vitamins. Apply for hair repairing agents should be regularly, in order to maintain their tone. The.

Do I have to get up early: for and against

Do I have to get up early: for and against The ancient Indian teachings so excited the minds that every second today is a vegetarian, vegan or raw foodist. Happy bearers of feminine energy in long skirts, advocating refusal to work in favor of.

How to write prepositions

How are prepositions written? The spelling rules of prepositions are very important for literate writing. Prepositions are written differently: hyphenated, merged, separately. This article will tell you how prepositions are written with words in and of themselves. Exposures are written through hyphens: from under.

Yak Meni take your e-mail

Yak Meni take your e-mail There are 2 answers Carol scott Answered on April 12, 12:36 Earnings from 20 000 rubles a day! - Do you need a ready, already customized method of earnings? - Without difficult courses that you can not figure out.

How to calculate in Excel

How to calculate in Excel? Microsoft Excel spreadsheet editor is designed to process numeric and text data. With its help it is convenient to calculate various indicators: the sum of values, product, percentages, arithmetic average and many others. How to make simple calculations If.

How to learn to write rap

How to learn to write rap? How to do it at home? There are 5 answers Butterfly Answered on March 27, 2015 14:40 See here - and here - Best best_or_nothing Answered on March 27, 2015 16:03 You can look at the recordings on.

Educational games: earbuds

Educational games: earbuds You will need - PVC tiles of different colors or plywood; - sharp knife; - awl; - jigsaw; - oil paints; - varnish; - sandpaper; - drawing accessories; - Pictures with the image of figures of animals, birds, fish, flowers. Instruction.

What to give for 19 years

What to give for 19 years? 19 years is a very solid age ... for a good gift, of course! Talking about what to give for 19 years, we will begin, of course, with cute girls. What to give a girl of 19 years?

How to remove the tonsils

How is glands removed? Watch the video How is glands removed? According to surgeons of ENT departments, which can tell us in detail how to remove the tonsils, it is the autumn-winter period of the year that is the season during which patients most.

How to wean a dog to bark

How to wean a dog to bark? The nature of dogs is such that they mark with their barking objects or events that are strange or dangerous to them. Sometimes the reason for barking is completely trivial, but the animal has already started and.

How to make homemade soap

How to make homemade soap? Ivan Orlov February 23, 2016 Handmade homemade soap in the style of hand-made is a product that will decorate the bathroom and will also be a great gift for your friends and relatives. The process of its manufacture is.


COVER FOR THE RECORD BOOK Determine the dimensions of the notebook. Provide a 0.7 cm perimeter allowance for the braid. Cut a piece of removed size from the skin (cap, yuft) with the allowance but the braid and two side strips. Handle them with.

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