15 amusing jokes about numbers in our world

15 amusing jokes about numbers in our world Without mathematics, nowhere! Numbers and the most complex mathematical operations with them, which really come to life, are within the reach of everyone who graduated from elementary school. In everyday life, family, at work, and even.

Laparoscopy: before and after surgery

Laparoscopy: before and after surgery Laparoscopy may be indicated in cases of unexplained diagnosis in the area of ​​the peritoneum. To date, this type of diagnosis is the most used in modern medicine. The process of The procedure requires the use of general anesthesia.

Is it possible to get pregnant after giving birth

Can I get pregnant after giving birth? In our time, the question of whether you can get pregnant after giving birth is very relevant. If at the time of our grandmothers during lactation it was almost impossible to become pregnant, today this statement is.

Urgently improving self-esteem

Urgently improve self-esteem Self-confidence is always the key to success. People who know their worth are sure to climb high on the career ladder, they have good relationships with close people, and in general, they get everything they want from life. But there are.

How long does chickenpox last?

How long does chickenpox last? Vladimir Doneshko July 23, 2012 19370 Chickenpox, or chickenpox is an infectious disease caused by the herpes family of viruses. It is the cause of two diseases - chickenpox, which occurs in most cases in children, and shingles, which.

Basic makeup rules for teens

Basic makeup rules for teens Adolescence is one of the most interesting, but at the same time, exciting and difficult periods of a child’s life. This is the time of growing up, the first love, the desire for independence and self-expression. And to be.

Why not install flash player

Why not install flash player? bang000 March 7, 2015 The Adobe flash player is a multimedia platform that is needed to launch presentations and create web applications. However, most users use this platform to play flash movies, as well as browse pages containing flash-based.

How to make cotton candy

How to make cotton candy? Alexander Bobyr January 28, 2013 10873 So, now we will be engaged in the manufacture of dishes, which, I think, you have not prepared at home. You have long been interested in the question of how to make cotton.

How to bake fish in foil

How to bake fish in foil? What could be better for a solemn or romantic dinner than baked fish in the oven and in foil? The dish turns out fragrant, tender, tasty. How to bake fish in foil to please your loved one a.

How to know your person

How to recognize your person? When relationships are already established, and understanding and love reign between partners, all that remains is to support these feelings. It is not so simple, but it is quite possible. It is much harder for those who have not.

How to draw a smiley

How to draw a smiley? Elena Krylova March 14, 2013 28449 Smileys have long been part of our communication as a way to express our emotions. We put emoticons on social networks, send them in SMS and so on. What is a smiley? This.

When to plant beets

When to plant beets? Beetroot is a very valuable vegetable crop, part of the so-called “borshchevaya set of vegetables.” Beets on the territory of our country began to grow in the days of Kievan Rus. Its high popularity is due to its very high.

What is the weather

What is the weather? Vladimir Doneshko March 22, 2013 The most beaten metaphors used to determine variability are female mood and weather. And it is true that it may be more impermanent than the complex of natural phenomena that we observe daily and which.

How I got pregnant

How did I get pregnant? Even a planned and long-awaited pregnancy is often an unexpected and exciting event. A married couple may wish for a child for years and still conception will be a surprise for them. In the case when pregnancy is undesirable.

Why dream prayer

Why dream prayer? Anna Kitaychik February 18, 2015 To see a person who is praying or himself in a dream is a phenomenon that is rather rare and foreshadows the next changes in life to the dreamer. We offer to find out what the.

What bill Yaroslavl

On which banknote Yaroslavl? Roman Zhdanov December 25, 2012 The answer to the question on which banknote Yaroslavl seemed to be taken by everyone, but this turns out to be far from true. This question is very popular among Internet users search queries. And.

How to install GTA: Vice City

How to install GTA: Vice City? Victor Gevorkyan January 15, 2013 GTA: Vice City is a game full of realistic digital characters and landscapes of various kinds - from extraordinarily beautiful beaches to oppressive swamps. The game has several modes that exist according to.

A bunch of paper napkin candies

A bunch of paper napkin candies A bouquet of sweets is a wonderful gift, it is a real surprise, which will always be unique. It can be given for a birthday, March 8 or any other holiday. Today I want to suggest making a.

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