How to get the flu

What schoolboy has ever thought about the question of how to get sick with the flu, to arrange unscheduled vacations and take a break from school because it�s still too long to learn, the lessons are already tired, and the classroom is just a.

How is love going

How is love Solve Deep Problems of Attitudes How is love going? For the loss of romantic relationships, there is always a spoiled interpersonal connection. If the couple lost their passion, then, perhaps, recently the couple were too busy, or they began to take.

Egg noodle recipe

Egg noodle recipe Homemade Egg Noodles - Recipe Storage: 6 months at a temperature of 15-20 ° C For cooking egg noodles, you will need: 4 portions of 90 g 300 g of flour; 1 tsp salts; 3 eggs; 1-2 tbsp. l. vegetable oil;.

Why flood candles

Why flood candles? Problems with starting the engine are familiar to many car owners: yesterday the car worked fine, and in the morning it won't start. One of the most common causes is spark plugs. So why fill the spark plugs, how to remedy.

How to tie a loop

How to tie a loop? Watch the video How to tie a loop? If you want to master the knitting and crochet techniques perfectly, you need to know exactly how different types of loops are knitted. Below we describe how to tie the loops.

Motorcycle towing

Motorcycle towing Of course, the traffic rules are prohibited to tow a motorcycle both by single motorcycles and by themselves. And in sleet flexible coupling is outlawed. But this is on the road, where, in principle, can reach and tow. If there is a.

How to cook eggs

How to cook eggs? Many housewives believe that eggs can be cooked scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs or boiled eggs, this list of recipes, where eggs are a separate dish, ends. In this article, we consider other options: how to cook eggs. To begin with.

Seals one by one

Seals one by one Materials and tools: toy fabric (optional); scissors; filler; thread and needle. Pattern Step 1 We transfer the pattern to the fabric, cut out 2 body parts and the tail of the cat. Then sew the parts, leaving a hole for.

What is invasion

What is invasion? ������������������������������������ ����������������������������������������kurlatik ������������������������������������ ��������������������������������������������March 19, 2015 The question of what is invasion cannot be answered unambiguously. The literal translation of the Latin word invasio means attack, invasion. Similarly, the word is used in Russian. What is invasion in medicine The most.

What is stenosis?

What is stenosis? Stenosis is a pathological constriction of the blood vessels or tubular organs. This disease occurs for various reasons. It is important to treat such a disease, so in itself it will not work. Causes and symptoms of stenosis It is necessary.

Egg shell frame

A frame decorated with eggshell Perhaps there is no refrigerator in which chicken eggs would not lie on a special shelf. Over time, they will turn into scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs, eggnog, will become an ingredient of some salad. And the shell? She will.

Why man avoids

Why does a man avoid? As if yesterday he was near: he called and came, wrote gentle sms, wished good night. And today he is quite a stranger, thinking all the time about his own. Tomorrow does not portend anything good, it completely disappears.

What is volume

What is volume? Oksana Vasilyeva March 18, 2015 Volume is one of the characteristics of a geometric body. It is in this sense that we use this word when we are talking about the capacity or capacity of something. However, this word has other.

Why am I ugly

Why am I ugly? Olga Koval March 11, 2015 Every woman is very anxious about her appearance, she so wants to look beautiful and attractive. But looking in a mirror, a girl does not always see her appearance, which corresponds to the canons of.


Honeymoon Honeymoon is the sweetest time after the wedding ceremony. Young people enjoy each other, traveling around the country, or fly abroad in search of unusual places to spend the honeymoon. Travel agencies will always tell you where to spend your honeymoon, showing off.

Deceased Russian actors, the good memory of which lives in our hearts

Deceased Russian actors, the good memory of which lives in our hearts Sergey Bodrov, Ilya Oleynikov, Alexander Demyanenko ... They smiled at us from television screens for many years and, although we were not personally acquainted with them, these actors became almost relatives. You.

We do crafts from buttons: master classes with photos

We do crafts from buttons: master classes with photos Surely your mothers or grandmothers in the bins preserved a whole box with buttons. Do not rush to throw them away. From the old buttons can get surprisingly attractive crafts. You can make a variety.

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