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Outlaw dreamers: parents will not be allowed to invent names

If mom and dad decide to name the child especially creatively, they can refuse to register at the registry office.

Bills are different. Theoretically, they are all designed to make our lives better and more fun. True, without limitations, none of them is complete. Now the State Duma is considering just one such prohibitive document. His goal is to limit parental fantasy in inventing children's names.

If this law is adopted, then it will be impossible to invent names in which there are numbers, abbreviations, positions or ranks, symbols and other similar things. More precisely, it is possible, but the registry office will refuse to register an infant with a sly name. Moreover, parents can be prohibited from calling children by ridiculous names. However, it is not yet clarified what is meant by the phrase "absurd."

How to choose a name for a child
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The initiator of the law was Senator Valentina Petrenko.In her opinion, such absurd names include April, Dolphin, Princess Daniella, Sofia-Sunny, Christamrirados, Alyosha-Kaprina or Zarya-Zaryanitsa.

In addition, the senator recalled the story of a boy whom his parents stubbornly want to name the rFB BOCR 260602 - the biological object of a human of the Voronin-Frolov family, born June 26, 2002 The result - for many years, the boy lives without documents in general.

And the stars in creativity are not far behind. Here, for example, the son of Nikita Dzhigurda and Marina Anissina is named Mick-Angel-Crist. And daughter - Eva-Vlad. Although in the case of Dzhigurda, probably nothing is too strange. And one would hardly want to take an example from him.

Senator Petrenko believes that every child has the right to a “normal” name. With this, of course, can not argue. Children with very exotic names are often offended by their peers - teased simply because their parents tried too much to be original. But who will determine whether the parents have come up with a “normal” name or not? Who will assess the degree of its inconsistency? And how to avoid subjectivity?

For example, in my subjective opinion, it sounds very strangewhen mom runs down the street and shouts, not in her own voice: “Beatrice! Beatrice! ”On this call, Beatrice emerges from the sandbox - a grimy one, with a scoop at the ready and a cap that slid down in one eye. Beatrice's trowel rattles Lucifer, who has emerged nearby. And her full name is Beatrice Vyacheslavovna Kharitonova. His - Lucifer Vitalevich Krolevets. It sounds good? I do not know.

On the other hand, last year, for example, in St. Petersburg, parents showed an extraordinary fantasy. The boys were called Hectorians, Evdeis and Geraltas. There are now in the cultural capital of Lut, Rodogor and Aeneas. And among the girls - Graciela, Elana, Laurence, Nickadria and Arkady.

Now imagine the continuation of this ballet. Lorence Hektorianovna Stupko. Aeneas Lyutovich Ivanyuk. Nikadria Geraltovna Kochegarova. Great, right? Maybe it would be really worth banning them? .. Although, on the other hand, it’s not so close to the tradition of naming a child before the tradition. And this, too, as it seems to us, is not very correct.


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