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Original and beautiful napkin in patchwork technique. Great interior decoration

Some people like quilts so much that they are ready to cover almost all surfaces in the house. The author of this master class believes that her invention in the style of a quilt is even better than a blanket as such. This is a textile cloth for the kitchen, made in the patchwork technique.

The method proposed for creating such an accessory is very simple. It gives the opportunity to use the narrowest strips that remain after sewing.

For the napkin in the patchwork technique you will need:

  • Rectangular stripes of multi-colored fabric
  • Fabric for purl
  • Padding (or other thick fabric)
  • Fabric for processing edge (across the width of the napkin)
  • Scissors
  • Glue for patchwork (optional)

At the beginning, take that part of the fabric that will be the inside of the napkin.Place it face down on a work surface. Then, if there is such an opportunity, cover it with a spray for patchwork (temporary glue). After that, you need to fasten the lining to the seamy side of the fabric. If there is no spray, you can use pins or simply fix the fabric with your hands.

On the left edge of the canvas, place a strip of colored fabric face up. On it, put the second strip face down. Secure the right edge of the strips with pins. The cloth to the right of the strips rolls into a roll so that it does not interfere with the machine suture. If you have such an opportunity, use a specialized quilting nozzle.

In order for the machine to lay a beautiful and smooth seam on a thick enough cloth, place a small flap under the foot before sewing. In this case, the seam will smoothly go to the napkin itself. Lay the seam on the right edge of the two strips stacked together. After grinding, you will receive two strips attached to the base. Expand the strips so that they are facing you, and sew the next one in the same way.

Add strips until you fill the entire napkin sheet with them.Now proceed to the design of the edge. It is necessary to sew a kind of rag frame. It is advisable to use to create a fabric of one color. To sew two short strips in long, use the following method. Fold the edges of the strips face down and perpendicular to each other. Using a pencil and a ruler, mark the line at a 45 degree angle. Secure the strips with pins and stitch them with a machine stitch. Smooth the seam edges. With this method of connecting parts, you can ensure the selection of the pattern on the front side of the fabric. You need to collect a strip that will be 10-15 centimeters longer than the perimeter of the napkin.

Fold the stripes along the edges, leaving about 2-2.5 cm. Fold the strip along in half and iron. Put the "frame" strip with the open edge to one edge of the napkin cloth. Pin the fabric with pins. Your strip should begin to attach to the napkin from the middle of the wide side. Sew a strip, not reaching a corner a little, and then fix the thread. Now you need to bend the strip of the frame at an angle of 45 degrees, and form a corner on the canvas. Leaving it, put the strip on the canvas and sew the next side.Other corners are made in the same way. Reaching the beginning of the frame, connect the edges of the strip, tucked one into another. It remains only to unscrew the frame. Napkin is ready!


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