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"Home Alone" and another 6 best films for the New Year holidays

Winter holidays seem to be created for lazy idleness on the couch, under a rug with a cup of hot cocoa and with New Year's comedies, which on other days just do not have enough time. What do you have there for the plan? We have compiled a selection of films that can be reviewed indefinitely.

"A New Christmas Tale", 1988

Fantasy comedy with Bill Murray in the lead role about how the Christmas miracle can melt even the most icy heart and drastically change the idea of ​​this life even of the most callous resident of the megalopolis. The protagonist is the richest and all-powerful TV tycoon Frank Cross, who does not love anyone and nothing but money ... Frank's sense of humor is also so-so, but he never thought about what he could hurt a person with a word. But one day even the supernatural forces cannot withstand the bullying of a businessman and decide to teach him a lesson ...

"Sleepless in Seattle", 1993

Permeated with magic and shrouded in charm by Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, the film leads one to believe in fate, miracle and love. Even if you are not young, you have a child, you have lost a loved one, are torn between work and home, and it seems that happiness will not knock on your door, know: how to knock. The main thing is to believe in it with all your heart and, of course, to make a wish for the New Year! Exactly what a little boy did, who dreamed of finding a mom, and dad - a wife ... This film really warms the soul, makes you believe in miracles and makes you smile, because all the characters will be fine. And the last is not even discussed!

"Home Alone - 1" and "Home Alone - 2", 1990 and 1992

The story of the naughty boy Kevin McCallister is known to everyone without exception. In the first part, he dreamed that the Christmas miracle would happen and his family would disappear into oblivion, while he, enjoying his freedom, would finally live as he wanted, and not as many relatives dictate to him. But is it really so good to be left alone? In the second part, the McCallister family decides to celebrate Christmas where there is no snow, but it's hot and sunny in Miami.Kevin is not satisfied with this situation, because Christmas without snow is not Christmas at all. Having told the family everything he thinks, the boy, alas, does not achieve his goal: the rebel is again punished, and the next morning they are almost forgotten at home. Or maybe it would be better? No, we don’t think, especially since in New York, where Kevin had managed to get into, he would have a meeting with old friends, and the staff at the hotel where he stayed would fulfill all his whims ... This family comedy for all times, her you don’t get tired of watching, but you remember it only during the New Year holidays, because at other times it is simply not relevant!

"A gift for Christmas", 1996

Light Christmas comedy for the whole family, where the main role is played by ... Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yes, an absolutely atypical role for the former governor of California and a bodybuilder, which he coped brilliantly. The film tells about the ever-busy father of the family Langston Howard, who almost never happens at family celebrations, and Christmas is no exception. When Howard once again ignored the karate competitions of his son, the guy was very offended and did not even hide it.In order to at least somehow make amends, the man promises to buy the child a super toy, all children in the world dream of — Turbomena ... And then day X comes, and the toy has not yet been bought. What is it that poor Howard doesn’t have to do before he gets this toy ... or doesn’t get it. The plot will show!

“Survive Christmas”, 2004

Drew Latam is rich, arrogant, successful, but lonely ... Even the girlfriend threw him before Christmas. Desperate, he travels to his hometown, to the house where he spent his childhood, in order to change his life. What is the result? Arriving at home, Drew meets with the Valko family. They are strange, with their cockroaches in their head, people who are barely making ends meet, who will barely consider each other to be close to each other — such a heated situation in the family. And then there is Drew with his crazy proposal: for 250 thousand dollars Valko should play his family and fulfill all the whims ... Can the family that hates each other suffer this smug new member of the family?

"Leave in handcuffs", 2007

Trudy works as a waitress in a small eatery, suffers nagging boorish chief, dreams of becoming an artist and never again listen to ambiguous suggestions from visitors.But here's a bad luck: on Christmas Eve, the girl is thrown by a guy whom she promised to show her parents, she fails the interview for a normal job, and she is also fired from her job. For picky parents for all the holidays have to go, and there is nothing to boast. Life, consider, did not succeed at all. But there is nothing to lose Trudy, so she abducts quite a wealthy and handsome young man who happened to be in that ill-fated cafe where the girl worked ...

“Christmas wish”, 2016

The Maclaren family is the embodiment of love, kindness, caring, generosity and responsibility. They are always ready to help those in need, solve any problems, shelter the homeless, share grief with anyone. They are just perfect in every sense of the word ... But they have one drawback - this is Anna’s daughter. The girl is the complete opposite of the parents, she does not understand them at all, she does not know how to help others and be so pious. And now, on Christmas, the girl makes a wish ... But something went wrong. Apparently, Anna did not know that every desire has its own price or that they tend to come true completely differently from the way you want it.Once honest and kind parents turn into selfish and prudent people, whom even their own daughter does not care about. But Anna so wanted everything to be exactly the opposite.


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