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On the Net discuss the dances of the Senegal national team

If you have not yet decided who, in addition to our team, to root for at the World Cup, we suggest that you seriously consider the Senegal team.

Senegal occupies the second line in its group and has every chance to reach 1/8, and then get to the quarter-finals, as in 2002, which means we will still see how these guys perform their core dance. No, we didn’t confuse football with zumba, just every time when luck is on the side of the Senegal national team, all 11 players, as well as coaches and substitute players perform their unique dance. The fact is that the dances are literally included in the training plan of the national team. Senegalese thus warm up before entering the field and do it with a wide smile on his face, charging with a positive until the final whistle of the judge. Well, after that, in case of victory, they dance again, only not so technically as in warm-up, but incredibly emotional.


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