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Hello, I really do not like my nose. It is big, because I have oily skin, then black spots, acne and oily shine do not leave it. This is not a very pleasant sight. I wanted to ask: should I fix it in the future or is it better to correct the flaws with the help of beauty tools?


I think your nose is the right shape. if you do something, it is proportional to the rest of the face. I would probably advise you to do a blepharoplasty and narrow your nose a little, but not by surgery under general anesthesia, but by fillers. I would also work on the zygomatic zone.

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And I like your nose! In vain you worry!

Thank you)

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As for the black dots and oily skin, go to an Ayurvedic specialist, only with a real and not a charlatan.

I personally solved my problem by means of Ayurveda. The so-called "traditional medicine" is both paid and free, and pills and hormones and droppers, and even the country's leading experts. In 20 years, the pills and doctors have lost their fortune, now using penny-free means for 2 years without a relapse.

you have not seen big noses)))))))))

If the tips are still relevant, you can remove pimples without operation and contouring. And if they are not satisfied at all, then to a surgeon) Look at works, for example, Vladislav Grigoryants -http://doctorgrig.ru/works/rinoplastika/find a nose similar to yours and think how it will look like) I did a rhinoplasty after one of the photos where I saw my nose poured. I thought, damn it, I can look like that too))

any data that nature has given is good

Well, yes, the nose is a bit massive. But in general, the shape is good, there is no humpback even in this photo.

Have you been to a consultation? One photo is generally difficult to say.

focus on your feelings, what you like and what does not.

From surgeons look at the work of Abrahamian, I saw a very similar nose to yours, he literally recently operated on.

But seriously, in general, your nose is normal.

you just need to do a face cleaning, daily care and pick up decorative cosmetics that will remove the flaws and highlight your beauty, learn how to sculpture))https://divage.com/There is red budget cosmetics and how to apply

In my opinion, the version with fillers is the most suitable) You have no humps, the nose for the face is proportional .. Look at the procedureshttps://levonclinic.ru/klassicheskaya_kosmetologiya/at the Chahoyan Clinic, Levon Chahoyan does various procedures for correcting deficiencies very well. Nozzles do well.


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