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No day without fitness: Mom trains two hours before giving birth

A few hours after the exercise video was recorded, the 32-year-old woman gave birth to her third child. That's what it means to love sports!

Fitness in the life of the Australian Anna Strode has always been. The birth of twins did not make her quit sport. At least half an hour a day, yes, it was to take care of yourself. The second pregnancy, all the more did not become a reason to refuse training. Moreover, my mother was engaged in fitness literally until the last minute.

"My last training took place a few hours before the birth of our magnificent daughter Madi Grace," - signed the video Anna.

Moreover, the complex of exercises was quite difficult - squats, lunges, push-ups from the bed. And Anna finished the training with a vigorous dance. And you can't say that she already started having contractions!

Jul 11 ​​2017 at 2:51 pdt

During the entire pregnancy, Mommy tried to train every three to four days - not for long, only twenty minutes. But it is amazing.No wonder her in the comments called superman. For the trainings of Anna, by the way, more than 100 thousand people are watching. After all, if she could - then anyone can. There would be a desire. Anna does not go to the gym, because the twin boys and the newborn daughter in her arms are not jokes. But at home you can work wonders with your own body. What about children? Sons are happy to participate in my mother's training. A great example, I must say. The best promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

Jun 28 2017 at 3:09 pdt

No, Anna did not playfully perform all these feats. “I will not prevaricate - I constantly feel monstrously tired. I lie for most of the day and try not to even open my eyes, ”she wrote. - I'm MOM. I have to be strong. ”

How difficult it was for Anna to train, her husband confirmed. He once tried to do all the exercises with her, tying a six-kilogram ball to his stomach. And you know what happened? The man did not master the whole training. “My back hurts,” he said. And he added: "How nice that men do not have to give birth!"

Jun 7 2017 at 2:48 PDT

Emotionally, Anna was also not easy. There were trolls who came in the comments and wrote to her that for a 33-week pregnancy she looks too big. There was enough rudeness even to advise the future mom to eat less.Anna, in response to the word, didn’t get into her pocket: “Dear, a person grows in my stomach - how do you think I should look? With six dice on the press? ”

Nevertheless, the words of the ill-wisher were very frustrated. Anna is a short woman. Therefore, every extra kilogram noticeable. “Maybe I really eat too much? Maybe you should limit yourself? - She thought. “Or maybe you need to train not for 20 minutes a day, but by the hour?” But then she decided that she would not force herself: “My body is doing everything to create another new life in this world. I won't let anyone hurt me. ”

Jul 16 2017 at 3:16 pdt

After birth, it took only two weeks. Anna has already returned home - and to training. Now the little Madi Grace is involved in them.

“I have a roof over my head, a loving husband and healthy children. That's all I need to be happy, ”Anna wrote the other day. And for that she can only applaud.

And what about the experts say?

“I recommend performing exercises on the Pilates system during pregnancy,” says Elena Fedotova, a mother of two children and a master trainer for group programs of the World Class fitness club network. - They not only prepare the body for loads during childbirth, but also help to get rid of stress and strain.Pilates classes have no contraindications, but expectant mothers need to exclude exercises where there is a strong strain of the abdominal muscles, an abrupt change of position and deep twisting. ”


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