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Nicole Kidman is getting ready to become a grandmother

The family of 50-year-old Nicole Kidman is about to replenish. Her foster daughter Isabella wants to adopt the girl, and now Nicole helps her in every way possible to issue the necessary documents, and also shares her own experience.

Bella, who turned 25 in December, has already been married to the programmer Max Parker for three years. On the laurels of her famous parents, the girl did not rest, to her credit, and a few months ago launched her own clothing brand called BKC (Bella Kidman Cruise). "All her life, Bella was an artist. Her means of communicating with the world is her talent, expressed on paper. And she finds inspiration for her works in friends, fashion and music. The dream of Bella's whole life was to reflect her art in clothes, "- is written on the brand's website. As the source said, Max and Bella had long thought about the child, but the girl insisted that he be adopted, like herself: “Isabella has a big heart. She wants to give the baby a chance that once fell to her.However, Nicole also played an important role in this process. She supported the decision of the daughter. ”


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