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New Year in the style of the 30s

New Year in the style of the 30sIf you like gangster movies, and you want to plunge into the atmosphere of that time, then you will like the New Year party in the style of Chicago. The romance of those years can be easily transferred to our time, having arranged an unforgettable New Year in the style of the 30s.

New Year's costume in the style of Chicago

Such a party can not do without a properly chosen outfit that fits the fashion of the time. What was relevant in those years?

Chicago dress of the 30s for ladies:

  • long straight dresses of discreet tones. Such clothing favorably emphasizes women's waist;
  • The hair is curled and laid or a bandage is put on them;
  • Always gloves;
  • a lot of jewelry (pearl beads, bracelets);
  • the presence of fur or feathers in the wardrobe is welcomed;
  • stockings on which there is a seam from behind;
  • shoes have a low and steady heel;
  • of accessories it is worth taking a mouthpiece or a fan.

New Year in the style of the 30s

As for makeup, it should also correspond to the time, the skin of the face is rather pale, bright red lipstick, and the eyes are summed up with a dark eyeliner.

New Year in the style of the 30s

Chicago Dress for the Chevalier:

  • strict three-piece suit, made in dark colors (gray, black, brown);
  • men's shirts made in light or dark colors. Sleeves must be rolled up on the shirt;
  • do not forget the tie, hat and suspenders;
  • strict black shoes;
  • a coat or raincoat is suitable for outerwear;
  • umbrella cane, cigar, weapons, pocket watches - these are the accessories that complement your gangster image.

Don't forget about contests for a Chicago-style party. There are many games that will plunge you into the atmosphere of those years and will not allow guests to get bored. Games such as Card Sharper, Hide the Communion, What Money Smell, Whose Notes Go Farther, and Loot Goodness Section will be very relevant at your party.

New Year in the style of the 30s

Competitions for the New Year in the style of Chicago:

  • card sharper.During the game, each player leading hands on a deck of cards. Players hide cards on themselves separately. After that, the presenter asks to show him a certain map, for example, "The Queen of Spades". Who among the participants will present it faster will be the winner;
  • hide obschak. To participants of the game the presenter hands over a box of paper dollars, which are a mafia "obshchakom".After that, he informs them that the police are going here with a search and the money must be urgently hidden. The gangster who wins the looted dollars faster and more reliably wins;
  • whose bills fly further. Contestants are in the line. In the meter from them is the finish line. Each gangster is given a bill, to which, after a signal from the master, he starts to blow hard. Whose banknote will fly away further is the winner;New Year in the style of the 30s
  • what money smell like. The participant is blindfolded and handed a real banknote of any denomination. The participant is required to guess the denomination of the bill. Money can be rubbed and sniff. If the gangster coped with the task, then in the form of a prize, he receives this banknote, but if not, then he performs a romantic task: to kiss one of the girls present;
  • section of the loot. After a bank robbery, the gangsters are required to divide the loot. To do this, the presenter gives the party a bank full of bills of various denominations. Participants need to determine by eye what amount each of them will get. Whose assumption will be closer to the truth, he will win.New Year in the style of the 30s

Gambling, strict men's suits, hats, weapons, beautifully dressed ladies - this is the world-famous Chicago style that makes the hearts of many fight faster. The new year in the style of Chicago will be remembered for a long time to you and your guests.


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