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Do I need to discuss past relationships?

In fact, each couple decides this in their own way. Some people want to see what is now, they are absolutely not worried about the past of their second half; others, on the contrary, want to know everything. And sometimes such experiments subconsciously can lead to insults, quarrels, even a break in relations. After all, no one knows what skeletons are buried in each closet.

Sometimes the experience of old love tragedies is useful, it can suggest whether you need to develop new relationships. If someone is interested in these issues, it means that the second half is not indifferent to him. Candid stories in theory can strengthen relationships. But sometimes unpleasant moments can destroy them.

If you want to talk about past relationships, you need to be very careful about your revelations. By the reaction of the interlocutor will be seen whether the story is interesting to him. Some people mistakenly believe that if they reveal some terrible secret, they will also be loved or even loved.But the listeners are very different, so they can draw the opposite conclusions. Should not repeat stories from the past. If you are talking about past love relationships, then it should be done without details and specifics, as well as with a high level of goodwill. There is no need to use negative expressions in stories about a former man or woman, even if the relationship was bad. And you should not try to improve your relationship by throwing mud at the former lover or mistress.

Also, you can not live with constant memories of past relationships. Building relationships can be based on the mistakes of previous years, but you need to analyze them within yourself, without projecting the situation into real relationships. Remember, if at least in some way your former relationship concerns the present, then this is the most stupid mistake you can make. Immediately you need to finish all past relationships, otherwise you can lose the real ones.


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