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My grandmother used to say, “I can endure falling in love.” Is it true or was she wrong?

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Answered on December 11, 2014 10:33
Your grandmother talked about the concepts of her time. Then the main thing was that the woman was married, otherwise shame and all that. Lonely called old maidens, this is where it is today still preserved. But mostly today women are making a career, they provide for themselves and it makes no sense for them to marry anybody for whom just to get out. You can wait and light feelings))) Another question if you have already got married, but after a while I realized that I made a wrong choice. There is of course no need to endure, but to do something. Trying to improve their relationships, because it’s not a fact that the problem is in the husband. Therefore, if you are not yet married, do not follow the advice of your grandmother, look for your spouse after your heart, and at the same time check whether you yourself are ready to be a good wife.

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