The 2 Minute Challenge With Miranda Kerr

Model Minute: Miranda Kerr

Julie Kosin
Miranda Kerr doesn't stop. From running a skincare line and walking the runway at Paris Fashion Week to starring in campaigns for H&M, Wonderbra, Clean Hair Care and Shopstyle, the top model is also a doting mom to son Flynn, 3—all while consistently mastering an effortless off-duty look. Kerr's street style makes her the perfect face for Reebok's new Skyscape line, everyday sneakers designed for comfort. We took a few minutes with the super to talk closet staples, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping up with three-year-old son Flynn.
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Harper's Bazaar: With your busy lifestyle, do you find yourself leaning toward comfortable shoes like sneakers and flats?

Miranda Kerr: It depends on where I'm going. If I'm going to the park with my son or running errands, these shoes are perfect. They're so comfortable and lightweight and I love their 3D foam technology because it feels really good on the foot. Like in the ad, you can forget that you're wearing them sometimes because they're so cozy.

HB: You're constantly working on different projects. How do you stay healthy when you're doing so much at one?

MK: Well, for me it's easy. It's such a part of my life now, balancing it. It's about focusing on filling your body with nutrients, not depriving yourself. If you want something then I think having a little indulgence every day is good for the brain. It's important to be happy, enjoy life, and not feel like you're missing out on something. Everything in moderation is good. Because I studied nutrition—integrated nutrition here in New York—I'm a certified life coach, and it's good to have that knowledge so that you know what to do to re-energize your body so that you feel your best, so that you can give your best.

HB: What are your favorite energy pick-me-ups?

MK: A fresh, cold-pressed green juice in the morning and hot water in lemon in the morning. Green tea, I have my smoothie that I drink—it doesn't taste that great but I'm used to it now—goji berries, almonds, dark-chocolate covered almonds.

HB: What are some of your favorite workouts right now?

MK: You know, even if I only have 10 minutes, sometimes I'll go into plank position and just hold plank. You can hold plank like this [stretches arms out] and then on your side, and then your other side, and then just hold it. Flynn jumps on my back and makes it even heavier; he thinks it's really funny. It's fun when he's climbing on top of me and it makes the workout even harder.

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HB: When you have more time, what workouts do you like to do?

MK: I like doing Pilates, yoga, I love using the Rebounder—just jumping on the rebounder, I feel like it gets the circulation going. Skipping, going to the park, walking a lot. Even if I'm just sitting down I'll start clenching and tightening my stomach. You can do so many things even if you're at your office desk or if you're on an airplane or in the car going somewhere. I like doing little things like that because I like to maximize my time. If I'm at work, if I'm at a photo shoot, in between when they're setting up I'll do a couple of sit-ups or squats or a headstand or something.

HB: So the key is to keep moving?

MK: Keep moving, yeah! But in a way that's not too strenuous. I don't believe you have to necessarily be so aggressive. I feel like you can focus in on core parts of your body that you want to tone and eat healthy so that you feel good, not so that you're worried about counting calories. It's really about feeling good at the end of the day and being energized. Find workouts that you like to do, even just turn the music on at home and dance—you don't even realize you're working out. Then you just start bouncing.

HB: How do you balance having a career and being a mom?

MK: It's about planning. I make sure I plan in quality time with him one-on-one. No phones, just that one-on-one interaction, whether we're drawing together or dancing or making something in the kitchen. He likes to help me make my smoothies and that's really fun. It's cute, the other day he was like, 'Oh mum, this smoothie's full of antioxidants!' I'm like, 'You're 3 years old! You just turned 3!' and he obviously heard me talking but he just picks up on everything. They're like little sponges!

HB: Your off-duty style is very inspiring, how would you describe your style personally?

MK: I think it's important for it to feel real. It depends where I'm going, obviously; if I'm going to an event, it's a different story. I love dressing up and being a woman and wearing heels, but if I'm going to the park then I want to feel comfortable, but also stylish at the same time.

HB: Anything particular in your closet that you find yourself always reaching for?

MK: Jeans. It's going to change now that spring is here, but in the winter it was jeans and my boots. I think fashion is a great way to express yourself in whatever mood you're feeling that day. I'm a very tactile person so I appreciate different fabrics. Things that feel good and don't crease too easily!

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