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Middleton sisters wedding: find 7 differences

Last weekend, the younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge Pippa Middleton married millionaire James Matthews. The beautiful ceremony, which took place in the Cathedral of St. Mark in the English town of Englefield, was thought out to the smallest detail. But, it seemed to us, strongly reminded ... Kate Middleton's wedding. Do we have a deja vu? Let's compare:

Wedding Dress


Describing a dream dress to designer Giles Dikon, Pippa seemed to keep in mind the outfit of Sarah Burton, the creative director Alexander McQueen, who, after the wedding of Catherine and William, circled all the covers of world publications. See for yourself, in front of us double dressing, not otherwise. The only difference is in the length of the train: the presence of the royal family at the wedding ceremony prompted the Duchess's younger sister to observe a certain dress code, according to which only brides who marry princes can have loops of three meters in length.



Following her older sister, Pippa decorated her hair with a tiara (jewelry brand Robinson Pelham), which resembles a bezel.It was impossible to compete with Catherine, because, as we remember, she appeared in front of her fiance in the Cartier diamond tiara from the personal collection of Elizabeth II. A true heirloom.



Lilies of the valley, hyacinths and carnations decorated Kate Middleton's wedding bouquet. Pippa also ordered a bouquet of white flowers, including a Japanese rose and freesia, and, as we can see from the photo, asked the florists to arrange it in the style of a royal wedding.



Follow the hem of the sister did not trust anyone. Therefore, they corrected it themselves.

Father Michael Middleton support


Pippa and Kate not only went to the altar, accompanied by his father Michael Middleton, but also came with him to the cathedral. Neither at one or the other wedding, he did not expect daughters at the entrance.



Kiss Catherine and William on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, as we remember, broadcast to the whole world. It was a beautiful, gentle and restrained kiss, not spontaneous, but well rehearsed. Like Pippa and James. Even the angle is the same!

Sport car


Catherine and William raced off the ceremony at Aston Martin under the joyful screams of the assembled. Pippa and James also chose the Jaguar retro sport car. The only thing they did not decorate with balls.Honeymoon newlyweds spend on the island Tetyaroa in French Polynesia (not in the Seychelles, like a royal couple).


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