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Merry Ladybug

In kindergarten and school, at home and in the circle of “skillful hands” - everywhere and always children are happy to make bright and interesting crafts, come up with unusual things to decorate the classroom or their room, make original gifts for friends and parents, prepare works for the exhibition or competition. At the same time, children's products are distinguished by the simplicity of the materials used and ease of manufacture, because small craftsmen must cope with the work without the intervention of adults. So, for any kid to make fun animals out of eggs. By showing a little imagination, you can make, for example, a cheerful ladybird from an eggshell. To make crafts, we need the following basic materials: an egg (we make a small hole in the shell and pour the contents), gouache paints, threads flax, cardboard, plain paper, PVA glue and super glue, brush, scissors, simple pencil, lacquer, sewing accessories.
img src="https://sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/images/3/1301-materialy-dlya-podelki.jpg" alt="materials for crafts" title="materials for crafts"> Made in an eggshell We carefully glue the paper with paper, and then color the whole egg yellow.After the paint is dry, paint over black spots.
 paint the shell
Cut out the cardboard from the cardboard and highlight the main parts with a pencil. The size of the head should be slightly smaller than the body. We color the lower part in pink, the upper one - in the same yellow-black colors. Draw the eyes, ears, horns and mouth.
 cut the head of the crust
 paint the head
Now we glue the two main parts. The head is attached at the side - as if it is slightly turned to the side. We fix all the details on the super-glue, otherwise they simply won't hold.
 glue the head to the shell
Let's start making the other parts. Cut out the legs - a narrow strip of cardboard, pasted on both sides squares of ordinary white paper. We are also preparing the basics for the tail and the tuft. We color the legs and the top of the tail in yellow, the hooves and everything else in brown. From the thread-floss do crest. For this we sew the cardboard base with threads, but we do not tighten the loops. Then glue the crest to the head. In order to attach the legs, it is necessary to make cuts on the sides, if they are not there initially (cut approximately to the middle). It is better to cut off the upper corners so that later they do not peel off from the round base of the body and do not bristled. Now we glue the details. The craft is ready We also produce the tip of the tail from muline threads, winding them on the brown part. Using scissors and PVA glue, we give the tail the necessary form - cut out in the form of a triangle and glue it with glue so that the thread does not get messed up. Merry Ladybird The handicraft is ready. For greater strength and safety, it is better to varnish the product.
Merry ladybug
By the same principle, using cardboard, paints and egg shells, it is enough just to invent and make a lot of different little animals.
many different little animals
These cute animals made from the hands of a baby can become an excellent gift, souvenir, toy or decoration. [/L_REPEAT]

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