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Master class: knitted rug from old T-shirts

If they ask us about crocheting, the last thing that comes to mind is old t-shirts. And here in vain! If you collect broken knitwear around the apartment and put very little effort into it, you can create an excellent rug that will look great in the bathroom or in the hallway. Shelves in the closet will be released about those things that it’s time to throw away, and the room will receive a new accessory.

The cost of the rug is made solely from the cost of time to work. It is advisable to choose only T-shirts made of natural cotton - so the carpet will be softer and more pleasant. You can use plain T-shirts or those on which there is a print - at your discretion. But it is preferable to work with a material of the same density and thickness.

Cut the T-shirts into strips of the same width, and then tie into one long thread. You can experiment with different widths of strips from narrow to wide. But different strips will go on different mats! Do not use the part of the shirt that the seam runs through.In this case, you will, firstly, have problems with knitting, and secondly, if you even cope with the process, the mat will be hard.

Tie a ring of air loops and tie the loops in a circle. Almost immediately you will see what your future mat will be like, it remains only to achieve the desired size.

You can knit as long as the rug does not fill all its intended space. Well, or until the T-shirts run out ...

The edges can be left simple, or additionally treated with decorative loops. If crocheting is easy for you, you can try waving your hand at a more complex pattern.

The most convenient way to fold a homemade yarn from T-shirts into balls. But in this case, you need to ensure that the thread is not twisted, and its tension was uniform.

T-shirt rug can be of almost any shape! You can adapt any binding that you know how to perform. Try for example the original pigtail rug.

Or maybe you prefer the lace strip? In any case, this material can be used in the same way as ordinary fine yarn. Just instead of napkins will go cozy rugs.


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