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Mandala, doll, chandelier and 9 more decorative items from ordinary threads

From the usual threads you can make a large number of beautiful and useful crafts.

Such works can decorate the house or workplace, as well as present to someone or use as a supplement to the gift.

Here are some interesting ideas on how you can still use threads and what interesting work you can do from them:

DIY wall decoration

You will need:

  • a thread,
  • a small book or notebook
  • scissors,
  • wooden pin or flat branch.

  1. Wrap a book or notepad about 30 times. Tie the ends into a double knot.
  2. Cut the coiled thread from the side opposite to the double knot.
  3. Cut a small piece of thread and tie it at the top of the folded threads (see image).
  4. Cut off the excess thread parts. You got one of several blanks for the wall decoration. If the thread is white, you can paint it, but it is not necessary. You can use threads of different colors.
  5. Tie each piece to a wooden pin or branch.
  6. Tie a piece of thread to the pin so that the craft can be hung.

Simple pompon of threads

You will need:

  • piece of cardboard (15 x 15 cm),
  • 3 skeins of thread
  • scissors,
  • thread and a needle and a blanket or pillow (if desired).

1. Start winding the thread around the cardboard as shown in the picture. Wrap until you reach the desired thickness. For this craft thread was wrapped 55 times.

2. Cut a small piece of thread, and, prying this piece under it, tie it around a wound thread. Move this knotted piece of thread to one of the edges of the cardboard.

3. Thread the scissors under the thread at the opposite end of the cardboard and cut the wound thread.

4. Cut another piece of thread and tie it a little below the top of the bundle of threads.

5. Cut another piece of thread and tie it slightly lower than the previous piece.

6. Use scissors to trim the bottom of the craft.

You can make several similar crafts and, if you wish, use a thread and a needle to decorate with these pom-poms a blanket or pillow.

Carpet of pom-poms

Simple wall decoration

The circle for this craft can be made of thick wire, or you can use hoops.

You will also need:

  • threads of different colors (3-4 colors),
  • scissors.

1.Cut the strings of different colors into long sections (see image). You will have to cut off many pieces of thread, so be patient.

2. Bend all the threads in half and start to attach them to the circle. You just need to hang the thread on a circle and thread one end of the folded thread in the other.

3. Attach the threads in a circle, alternating colors in any order.

4. When the whole circle is covered with threads, tie another piece of thread to it so that you can hang your craft.

Here is another similar hack:

Original crafts: wigwam

You will need:

  • 5 small branches,
  • several strands of different colors
  • cardboard,
  • simple pencil
  • hot glue (if necessary).

1. Tie three sticks.

2. Cut a small circle out of cardboard. Make on the edge of the circle 5 small cuts for twigs.

3. Insert the cardboard between the three knitted sticks.

4. To fix the sticks in place, use hot glue.

5. From top to bottom, start wrapping three knotted sticks with thread until you sink a couple of centimeters below the junction of the sticks. Add 2 more sticks, tie them together and continue to wind the wigwig as shown in the image.

It is worth winding so that you have left the entrance to the wigwam. Choose two sticks that will play the role of the door wings and wind up to one door, then back to the other, and so on, until the entire wigwam is covered with threads.

* Excess cardboard parts can be cut.

Dreamcatcher of Thread

You will need:

  • thread,
  • fishing line
  • hoops of different sizes
  • beads,
  • feathers,
  • acorns, twigs, leaves,
  • scissors,
  • glue.

1. It may seem like a complicated piece of work, but in fact you will use the same node over and over again.

2. To weave a thread around two pairs of hoops you need a figure eight - use one thread to go around one circle above and then another below. Repeat the same movements until you cover both circles with a thread as shown in the image.

3. Bind the threads to the decor items and attach them to the hoop.

4. To learn how to weave a "web" inside crafts, pay attention to the scheme:

How to weave a dream catcher (video)

Chandelier from filaments

You will need:

  • a thread,
  • hoops or circles from wires (you can do it yourself),
  • scissors.

1. Tie two pieces of thread to the cross stitch.

2. To hang the chandelier you need to cut off another piece of thread and tie it to the place where the threads cross from point 1.

3. Cut a lot of pieces of thread and attach them to the hoop.

4.If necessary, trim the hanging threads so that they hang straight.

Doll of threads

You will need:

  • a thread,
  • any cardboard piece (for example, a toilet paper sleeve or a piece of cardboard box),
  • scissors.

1. Thread a piece of cardboard. The length of the cardboard depends on the length of the doll you want to make.

2. When you have wound enough times, remove the thread from the cardboard and cut it with scissors from one end so that you have several threads of the same length.

3. To make the head, bend the threads in half, cut a small piece of the thread of the same color and tie it around the bundle of cut threads, just below the bend.

4. Now it is necessary to divide the bundle of threads into 3 parts - 2 parts will become handles, and the third part - more magnificent - will become a waist and legs. Cut off 2 more pieces of yarn and tie them just above the center of the workpiece.

5. Now you need to twist or braid the "hands" of the doll into a pigtail. The lower part will play the role of a skirt.

6. If you want to make your doll feet, but you should also divide the strings into two parts and weave each one according to the “leg”.

How to make a doll of thread (video)

Bottle decoration

You will need:

  • threads of different colors (the thicker the thread, the less it will be required to decorate the bottle),
  • bottle,
  • PVA glue.

  1. Start threading the bottle upwards.Gradually add glue, so that the thread does not creep.
  2. When you decide to change the color of the thread, start a new thread at exactly the same place where the previous one ended.


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