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Making, design aquarium do it yourself with photo examples

In the aquarium you can make scenery on any topic. For example, you can recreate the natural environment, the landscape of the moon or some fabulous planet. Also, the theme for the design of a home aquarium may be the sunken city of Atlantis. Visit the shops or exhibitions of aquarium fish to gain interesting ideas. Connect also your imagination. You can make stones with a sealant, thereby creating unusual shapes. Below will be shown the photo examples of the design of aquariums, you can, if desired, independently implement any.


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Making, design aquarium do it yourself

DIY background for aquarium


For most aquarian inhabitants, 50-75% of the total space is suitable. This means that almost completely the aquarium will be occupied by the finishing material.


The aquarium is best designed with fluffy plants and driftwood, rather than one huge stone, which can fill it in half, but will be inconvenient as a decorative element and a refuge for fish.


Useful tips for aquarium design:



  1. It is better to place large decorations and plants on the sides and on the back wall, and short - to the front wall. So they will harmonize well.
  2. You can use tall plants or decorations to hide aquarium lamps, heaters, air ducts and other unattractive elements.
  3. To make the aquarium look more natural, use a few different items. For example, groups of plants of the same species, compensating them with groups of a different texture or color to make your aquarium’s space more attractive and beautiful.
  4. You can use low rocks or plants to hide the edges of the volcano, water wheel, lock, or other ceramic, plastic or rubber jewelry, so that they look more organic.
  5. Select a pair of "central" decorations or plants and arrange them, slightly pushing away from the center of the composition, as the decorative elements on the center often look awkward and unnatural.
  6. Pay special attention to the background.After all, it provides a dense, dark wall for fish that helps them feel more comfortable and protected. The background will help to hide the pipes, cords, filters and heaters that could spoil the look of the aquarium.


Remember that the design, decoration, decoration of the aquarium you create for yourself and loved ones, so that it should be made to your taste. Today, living plants are not a necessity, so you can dwell on their artificial counterparts. Artificial corals, stones, coral reefs, snags, plants and shells are sold in stores, so do not think that you need to use live plants, real snags and stones to make the aquarium look natural. On the other hand, some beautiful, but obviously artificial plants can also take place in your tank if they match your tastes.


Variants of design aquarium do it yourself with photo examples



For this you will need:


  • Paper;
  • Waterproof sealant;
  • Emulsion paint;
  • Ceramic or clay products;
  • Wood;
  • Stones;
  • Plants;
  • River stones;
  • A pen;
  • Slate;
  • Vinegar.


Write all your ideas on paper.Draw in advance what should be in your home aquarium. This will save not only money, but also the time when you finally start the process. You can use ready-made ideas in the photo examples below. Absolutely any place can serve as the main theme of the aquarium; try to recreate a reproduction of such a place in your aquarium. You should start with the bottom layer. Perform the bottom of the aquarium in the original style. Use gravel and sand of different colors, as in the picture below. Here you can give free rein to your imagination.

Gravel and sand of different colors in the design of the aquarium photo

Add pieces of marble or polished marble. To design aquarium was close to nature, you can add pieces of slate, river stones. You can find the right stones in your yard or on the beach. When you collect stones, make sure that there is no limestone among them, because lime makes water alkaline and unsuitable for fish. You can check the stones by dripping vinegar on them. If the stone sizzles, it means that it contains calcium carbonate, which is contained in limestone.


River stones, slate, cobblestones and colored stones look great with plants. Work with the stones.Create art compositions and columns by gluing stones with sealant. Think carefully about the position of the stones in your tank; they can anchor water plants or delimit different zones of your tank.


With the help of a sealant, you can also create cave stones or make stepped compositions. Sealant perfectly sticks together stones and glass, but badly plastic objects.

Beautiful design aquarium photo

Create natural borders for the inhabitants of the aquarium using caves by placing wooden elements. Borders help to reduce the aggression of the inhabitants of the aquarium. From wooden objects make places where the fish will hide, and also create the roots of trees.


The specific texture and fancy bends of wooden elements will have a great impact on the interior of the aquarium as a whole. Under the interesting curved wood and arches with pleasure hide the weakest inhabitants of the aquarium.

Wooden snags and bends of arches in the design of the aquarium photo

Ceramics are well suited for decorating your tank. Paint it in various colors with emulsion or oil paint. You can use types of paints that are safe for the aquarium, and wait for the paint to dry.


Glazed pottery, ordinary clay pots are safe for your aquarium. As a result of exposure to water after a certain time, such pots acquire an ancient appearance.


Use different plants to decorate the aquarium. They not only look beautiful and natural, but also recycle organic waste, well enrich water with oxygen. Place the low growing plants in the front of the aquarium, and the long ones in the rear. As you grow, your plants will intertwine with each other and create a picturesque landscape.

Short plants and algae in the design of the aquarium photo

Short plants will leave more room for fish. Plant plants with different shades, for example, combine Echinodorus with light green leaves with Vallissneria with long succulent leaves.

Large and beautiful aquarium in the center of the room photo

Create in the aquarium a fantastic world with the help of glass, synthetic and plastic structures. Many aquarium decorations are made of plastic, from underwater castles to sunken ships. You can make glass figures of animals. Synthetic plants, stones and other elements will help create a truly amazing, unique design. Below in the pictures are some unusual examples.


Design and design of unusual aquariums with photos



Design and design of unusual aquariums with photos

Really departing from all the usual types of aquariums, with a rather unusual design.


Design and design of unusual aquariums with photos

They will be perfectly combined in the modern interior of the apartment, and double use as a sink and table will surprise your friends and acquaintances. Perfect for shower room.


Design and design of unusual aquariums with photos

Flat aquariums are becoming more common in the design of a living room or relaxation room.


Design and design of unusual aquariums with photos

Aquarium table is an ideal solution for small rooms, designed to serve both as a table and as an unusual interior decoration.


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