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Luxurious stone tiger eye

The fact that precious and semiprecious stones are inherent not only in elegance and beauty, but also specific magical and healing properties, our ancestors also knew. One of the most "universal" in this regard, stones - a fascinating and luxurious tiger eye. Who is this shining mineral for, and what benefits can it bring to its owner?

Minute of historical education

The tiger's eye is a kind of decorative translucent quartz filled with a multitude of microchannels with limonite. Thanks to them, the similarity with the tiger's eyes is achieved. Depending on the place of origin, the color of the mineral varies from light golden to deep brown.

Although this stone was used by ancient healers and Roman warriors, it gained widespread popularity in the early 19th century. At first, he was considered precious and was affordable only to the upper class, being a sign of aristocracy. Subsequently, after the discovery of large quartz deposits,the tiger's eye went into the category of semi-precious stones. Thus, the opportunity to enjoy its grace and radiant luxury got everyone.

Today, this mineral is widely used for making jewelry, various talismans, amulets and table figurines. It is interesting that other types of quartz stones can be created on its basis. For example, when it is treated with hydrochloric acid, a “cat's eye” is obtained with dissolved limonite. But when calcined, a brick-red hue, characteristic of the "bull's eye", is achieved.

Use in folk medicine

The tiger eye has a whole range of healing properties, contributing to:

  • Relief from stress, insecurity, insomnia, depression and unreasonable fears. In addition, it relieves chronic fatigue syndrome. All this ultimately leads to a significant stabilization of the nervous system and improvement of mental health, expressed in a surge of strength, increase efficiency and concentration.
  • Enhance immunity and energy field of the body. That is why this stone is very useful for people who have undergone surgery or prolonged illness.
  • To get rid of skin problems caused by psychosomatic factors.Thus, lithotherapists note a visible positive effect from the use of the tiger eye in psoriasis, which transits much more quickly into a stable phase of remission.
  • Cleansing the body of toxins and reduce feelings of hunger. Thanks to this jewelry with this mineral successfully help with losing weight.
  • Stabilization of the cardiovascular system and normalization of blood pressure.
  • Prevent eye disease and improve vision.
  • Relief of joint pain, as well as accelerate the healing of various fractures.
  • Normalization of the pancreas and gallbladder.

The magical power of the mineral

In addition to the widespread use of healers, the tiger's eye is no less popular with magicians. He is a powerful amulet, able to protect the owner from a variety of misfortunes and direct his life energy in the right direction. What unusual properties are characteristic of this shining quartz?

It is believed that the tiger's eye can:

  • Warn the "owner" of the impending danger. A sign of imminent disaster is the feeling of increasing the mass of the stone. Therefore, if it began to seem to you that the pendant was heavier, and the ring was pressing hard on your finger, you should listen and carefully evaluate the existing life situation.To see the possible danger in a dream, you should remove the jewelry with a tiger eye and hide under the pillow on the eighteenth lunar day.
  • Protect the owner from evil spirits, attacks and physical injuries.
  • Attract monetary energy. To do this, you need to wait for the full moon and leave the stone on the window so that it will be illuminated by the moon light all night. At the same time you should mentally ask for monetary well-being. In the morning, the charged amulet must be placed in a constantly used wallet.
  • Provide career advancement and help beat competitors.
  • To reduce the degree of excessive temper and anger. It can both bring peace and harmony into personal life, as well as help with work issues that require compromises. Therefore, businessmen and politicians who, by the nature of their activities, often take part in negotiations, must necessarily have a tiger amulet.
  • Predict the future and attract love magic. No wonder this mineral is widely used for love spells. And if you put a stone in the headboard, then with a high degree of probability you can have a prophetic dream. The main thing is to be able to correctly interpret its meaning.
  • To help find a way out of a difficult life situation.
  • Get rid of all sorts of addictions, whether it is alcoholism, smoking or excessive craving for shopping. Regular wearing of the stone will gradually get rid of the habit.
  • Unleash the hidden creative potential, sending it to the mainstream of creation. Therefore, the tiger eye is so loved by representatives of creative activity.

It should be emphasized that the “magic” properties of a stone are revealed only on the condition that its owner himself is a strong, purposeful, hardworking and ready for change person. In lazy and weak-spirited people who do not set any goals for themselves and do not undertake efforts to achieve them, the tiger's eye will not work. Moreover, in such a category of persons most often jewelry with this quartz is very quickly lost.

Tips astrologers

According to experts, the tiger eye is well suited to most zodiac signs, helping them to reveal hidden talents, to gain faith in their own strength, and also to direct energy in a positive direction. However, this stone can bring the maximum benefit:

  • Maidens who often experience difficulties with optimism and confidence in their abilities. Wearing a tiger eye will give them career success and material well-being.
  • Gemini, distinguished by a certain lightheadedness and tendency to contradictions. Their mineral can further develop intuition and business skills.
  • For the sign of Leo, which is extremely important career growth and the favor of others.

A few tips for using

In order for the beneficial effect of the tiger's eye to open to its fullest might, one should know how to properly wear amulets and jewelry made from this mineral:

  • It is better to give preference to stones framed with silver, because this metal has the highest conductivity of positive energy.
  • The new “tiger” mascot does not tolerate the neighborhood, so for three to five days it should be worn alone, removing the remaining rings, earrings and bracelets. Having charged a stone with your energy, then it can be combined with other decorations.
  • The mineral must be worn closer to that chakra or place whose problem you need to solve. For example, earrings are perfect for healing the nervous system, and a bracelet or an amulet in a jacket pocket are ideal for alleviating gastrointestinal problems.

Compliance with these simple recommendations will help you to the maximum extent enjoy not only the luxury and refinement of the tiger's eye, but also its extraordinary properties.

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