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Love Story: Coco Chanel and Arthur Capel

On the eve of Valentine's Day, we decided to recall beautiful love stories, the first before you.

She is:french fashion designer

Is he:british industrialist

Happy hours are not being watched ...

The novel of the 26-year-old modist Gabrielle Chanel and the 28-year-old owner of the coal mines in Newcastle Arthur Capel began in 1909. And Coco and Boy met — such nicknames were given to them by the entourage — about a year before, as in ancient novels, on a hunt. Chanel accompanied Etienne Balsan, then his patron - a cavalry officer, a French rich man, an aristocrat and a friend of Keipel, on similar trips. Arthur was a frequent visitor to Balsan in the estate of Ruale, located near Compiègne in the north of France.

The more the relationship between Koko and Etienne got to an impasse (an ambitious modist was not too comfortable and obedient to keep), the stronger the attraction between her and Boi became. Chanel moved to Caipel, with his financial support, opened in Paris in 1910 a hat shop.The permanent address of this atelier is now known to fashionistas of the whole world: Cambon Street (rue Cambon), 31.

Coco Chanel and Arthur Capel

Capel helped Koko to acquire clients from the secular and artistic circles, hone the manners needed to communicate with a respectable audience, and expand sewing. In 1913, on the advice of Boya, Chanel opened a boutique in the resort town of Deauville and introduced the fashion for women's clothing in a nautical style: blazers with piping and golden buttons, resembling a captain's tunic, blue-and-white tunic-vest, wide white pants, knitted fishing jackets with patch pockets - as well as straw hats and ... tan.

In 1918, Capel married an English aristocratic woman, Diane Wyndham, but it was a marriage not for love, but for the sake of procreation, a tribute to society, family and traditions. Koko didn’t easily accept this news, but she hid her feelings from her lover, and their relationship continued, as if there was no wedding ring on the ring finger of Boy. The tragic accident has deprived Chanel of the only man to whom she truly gave her own heart. Arthur Capel died in a car accident on December 22, 1919 on the road to Cannes: his car lost control due to a broken bus.The famous little black dress, invented by the Great Mademoiselle in 1926, became a memory and a kind of eternal mourning for Boy.

Coco Chanel and Arthur Capel

Love Formula

From the point of view of society, the union of a rich aristocrat and a moderator was a misalliance. But when Kapela was told: “Drop this woman, what did you find in her?” - he replied that it was the same as if he had been asked to cut off his leg. Their unhappy, half-orphan childhood made them: mother Gabriel died when the girl was 12, her father sent her to the nunnery with her sisters; Arthur was an illegitimate son and did not know anything about his real father. But much more than Koko and Boi brought together ambition and the ability to achieve their goals, business acumen (both did not like the rich burners of life who spent, but did not earn), interest in everything new. For Chanel, Capele became the same as the mythical Pygmalion for the beautiful Galatea: he believed in Coco, her talent and success as no other man in her life believed.


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