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Live Ken spent 70,000 euros on hair removal

Now Rodrigo Alves shows off smooth skin.

Handsome, famous for his similarity to the doll Ken, is now resting in Marbella, on the coast of Spain. And he does not miss the opportunity to boast not only his ideal figure, but also smooth skin. It is not surprising: after all, Rodrigo spent 70 thousand dollars on several courses of full-body hair removal.

Apr 15, 2018 at 11:46 pdt

While brutal men are proud of their appearance, including body hair, the 34-year-old hero of many shows has decided that it harms his image. And without regret, he parted with a decent amount to remove excess vegetation. True, on the background of the fact that he spent over half a million euros on 60 of his plastic surgeries, the figure of 70 thousand seems not so big. Moreover, the money invested in appearance, to him quickly returned. For example, he recently signed a contract with the Warner Bros. film company. The contract amount is calculated six-digit number. The company is going to make a film about the life of Alves, and he will play the main role.

With all its popularity and refined appearance, Rodrigo’s personal life leaves much to be desired. Despite the fact that he is constantly seen with different girls, Alves still has not started a serious relationship with anyone. Loneliness became so young a man that he came to the bride in Russia and even tried to find love on the reality show “Dom-2”. But here he did not succeed.

Nevertheless, living Ken does not lose hope all the same to meet his Barbie. Rodrigo wants to find his soul mate, which will be the same fan of fashion and beauty, like himself. “Most of my girl friends, such as Sophia Vegas, Pixie Fox and Chloe Khan, are very glamorous, and they had many plastic operations,” Alves confessed in an interview. It seems that plastic and self-care is the main theme, which Ken was going to interest the young ladies. That's just wondering if it will be his darling? Let's hope that all the efforts of a young man to care for themselves will not be wasted and there will be one that will appreciate his efforts and sacrifices for the sake of beauty.


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