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LED Flowers

LED flowers can be made of quite affordable materials. We will need: 1) Plastic (mostly green) two-liter bottles from lemonade 2) Copper varnished wire with a diameter of about 0.7 mm (you can replace the wires of twisted pair, but the effect is much worse) 3) LED 5 mm transparent, green 4) Second glue 5) Soldering iron
Cut the leaves out of the bottle and draw a hot soldering iron. ik on them streaks
we glue the LED to the sheet with a second glue
we twist the wire like this
solder the LED to the wire, what would be such a module   From the modules you can collect flowers of any complexity, twisting them among themselves for getting ef EKTA branches trunk. It is better to connect the modules 3 in series and put a 200 Ohm resistor when connected to a 12 volt power supply.The flower bud itself is made similarly, in order to get the effect of rose petals, you need to hold the petals cut out of a plastic bottle over the candle for a few seconds so that they melt a little at the edges.

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