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Laser Hair Removal: Questions and Answers

Laser hair removal is perhaps the most effective method of getting rid of body hair. The indisputable advantages of this procedure include its high speed and safety for the skin. In addition, laser hair removal can remove unwanted hair from all parts of the body (even in the ears and nose!). Not everyone knows what thelaser hair removal procedure is. Let's talk about this method in more detail.

What is the essence of the procedure?

The laser energy is conducted through the hair shaft, turning into a heat pulse. Due to instant heating and cooling, the hair follicle is destroyed, but the skin remains intact. After the first procedure, not all hairs are removed, but only visible on the surface. Each laser epilation session brings a moment when your skin becomes smooth forever. The structure of the hair treated with a laser is destroyed, and the hair at this place will no longer grow.By the way, to grow hair, as before getting rid of hairs in other ways, you do not have to. If you used before the usual razor, you can come to the procedure at any time. If wax or tweezers were used, then you should wait a few days to restore the hair shaft. That he is the conductor for the laser. By the way, with light hairs it will be much harder to fight. Why? It's all about the concentration of melanin, which is much lower in blond hair than in dark hair. The work of the laser is aimed precisely at combating this pigment. However, with the due diligence of a beautician, even the lightest hairs will stop bothering you.

How long will it take to remove hair with a laser?

The number of sessions is purely individual and can only be appointed by a specialist. 6-8 visits are usually enough. Each session lasts no more than an hour. After the procedure, you should stock up with hypoallergenic means for treating the skin. They will need about 4 days. You also have to postpone the trip to the solarium or swimming pool for about a week.

How painful is the procedure?

Yes, laser hair removal is accompanied by unpleasant sensations, especially in traditionally more sensitive places: the bikini area, underarms, etc.But firstly, the result is really worth it, and secondly, mechanical or wax depilation is much more painful. It is also worth considering the difference of individual perception.

And the hair just will not grow back?

However, with all the obvious advantages, there are several drawbacks. Unfortunately, no one guarantees a 100% result. Beauticians give only 90% that the hair does not appear again, the remaining 10% are set aside in case of hormonal disruptions in the body. Laser epilation may have to be repeated annually (1 time in 12 months). Even ten visits may not be enough to completely release the skin from hair follicles.

When not to do laser hair removal?

You also need to add that the use of this type of hair removal has a number of contraindications. Not recommended laser hair removal during menstruation and during pregnancy. Do not come to the procedure with skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, dermatosis, etc.). Laser hair removal is clearly contraindicated for decompensated diabetes, varicose veins, a significant number of moles on the body and serious injuries of the skin (burns, cracks, abrasions).With respiratory diseases, it is better to postpone a visit to the salon until the moment of recovery. A few days before hair removal, the skin should be protected from sunburn, otherwise the procedure can turn into a burn.

In general, this type of hair removal should be resorted only after consultation with a dermatologist.


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