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Lampshade do it yourself from yarn

Lampshade do it yourself from yarnIf you like truly original interior parts, then our master class will be useful to you. We offer a step by step guide on how to make your own lampshade décor using yarn. The thing you create yourself will be truly exclusive and unique. You will have something to brag to your friends, believe me!

Be a little fancy and savvy, and in return you will receive an unsurpassed lamp that will become a real decoration of your home. Prepare everything you need and follow our instructions with the photo.

Master-class: Lampshade with own hands of thread

Not everyone has the talent for needlework and can knit or weave a lampshade with their own hands from threads. However, to create a beautiful ceiling for a desk lamp, this is optional. Enough to have imagination and desire. As you can see, phototape, decorative paper, plastic bottles, plugs from them, spoons and plastic cups, and even old jeans, and many other materials can be used for manufacturing.Lampshade do it yourself from yarn

To create the ceiling of the threads you need:


  • ordinary woolen thread;
  • PVA glue;
  • spray of sequins;
  • shade.


Step-by-step instruction

Now proceed to decorating the lampshade with your own hands.

  1. Cut a small piece of the dyne thread and confuse it, as in the photo. Gradually glue such pieces to the lampshade until you fill the entire surface. The color of the thread does not matter, choose whatever you like. When pasted over the entire lampshade, leave it for a while to dry.
    Lampshade do it yourself from yarn
  2. Next, we need to make the lamp shade more vivid and beautiful. To do this, use a spray of glitter or spray paint for cars. The choice of colors, again, is only a matter of your preferences. Also on the lampshade you can attach different figures for a change. Look good butterfly-zakolochki.


The final stage of creating the ceiling of the threads

The lampshade is ready to do it yourself, now you need to attach it to the lamp. However, you can make a separate stand. Then you will have an unusual lamp-night light. To do this, take a piece of foam, a light bulb with a soldered power cord and tape to decorate any color and texture.Lampshade do it yourself from yarn

From the foam cut stand for a lampshade of a suitable radius. In the middle, make a hole for the bulb, and from the side make a hole for the wire. Inside, you can not decorate the surface, as it will not be visible.From above we decorate the sides with a ribbon made of cloth or self-adhesive paper. You can also add rhinestones, beads or beads.
All that remains to be done in order to complete the lampshade with your hands is to work on electricity.Lampshade do it yourself from yarn
P.S. The stand can be made of any material, for example, from wood or plastic. It is important to make a hole for a light bulb of such a diameter that the surface does not get too hot, since the plastic may melt and the wood will catch fire.

There is another interesting way to make a ceiling of the threads with your own hands. We wish you success in your work!


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