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Knitted set of cap and snud with spiral pattern

A knitted cap and snud with a spiral pattern for women.

Materials and tools:


  1. 100 g yarn;
  2. bilateral and circular needles 4.5 mm long 40 cm.


  1. yarn 100 gr;
  2. Spokes circular 4.5 mm long, 40 or 60 cm.

Pattern Description

Tent knitting (in a circle on circular needles): * 1 row of faces. etc., 1 row of rel. n. *, repeat between *, 1 edge = 2 rows.

Spiral pattern

* 2 out. p., 5 persons. n. *, repeat between *. Pattern knit on 7 loops. When knitting in a circle, the pattern is shifted 1 loop to the right in each row and thus a spiral pattern is formed.


Size: S / M (M / L); head circumference 54/56 (56/58) cm

Density of knitting 18 p * 23 p = 10 cm face surface


Size S / M (M / L); a circumference of about 55 (58) cm; height is 18 (22) cm

Density of knitting 18 p * 23 p = 10 cm face surface

Knitting description


We knit in a circle on circular needles with a transition to bilateral, when necessary. We dial 85 (92) loops on the circular spokes. Knit garter stitch to a height of 3 cm.Then go to the knitting spiral pattern. When the part is 19 (20) cm, we knit with the front satin stitch, and at the same time in the first row of knitting we reduce 1 (2) loop = & 84 (90) loops. Then we put 6 markers through every 14 (15) loops. In the next row, add 1 loop in front of each marker 78 (84) loops. We repeat a series with reductions in each row 5 more (6) times = 48 loops. Then we subtract in each row only 5 times = 18 loops. In the next row we knit 2 loops together with the front on all the loops = 9 loops. The detail is 27 (28) cm. Cut the thread, stretch the remaining end through the loops on the needle, tighten and fasten.


We knit in a circle on circular needles.

Recruit 109 (116) loops. Knit three garter stitches. We knit 1 row with facial ones, simultaneously reducing 10 loops evenly = 99 (106) loops. We knit one row of purses. We knit further with a spiral pattern up to the height of the part 16 (20) cm. Then we go over to knit a garter stitch up to the height of the part 18 (22) cm, and end in one row with the wrong side. Close the loops as facial in the next row.


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