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Justin Bieber and Haley Baldwin: Wedding, or Just Marriage Permit?

The star couple decided to confuse the fans.

24-year-old singer Justin Bieber and 21-year-old model Haley Baldwin shocked the audience every time they came out together. In July, they announced their engagement. The model was beside herself with happiness and could not believe that the idol of millions of girls chose her! However, some fans believe that the romance of the stars is just PR. After all, the date of the wedding has not yet been appointed. Rumor has it that they only join themselves in marriage next year and not earlier than March, when Justin turns 25. Also, lovers have shared with journalists that they will invite only the closest people to the celebration.

A young couple continues to provoke rumors about active preparation for the creation of a family, and also thinks about children ... Justin and Hayley were recently seen in a restaurant where they were cute playing with a little girl.True, who the parents of this baby, still remains a mystery.

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The other day, Bieber and Baldwin visited the New York court, where they might have received a license to marry. According to those present, Justin and Haley were very nervous and behaved quite emotionally. The model let slip that can not wait to become the lawful wife of a loved one. However, there are suspicions that the couple are already married and have long played the wedding. Allegedly, on this day, young spouses have already received a marriage certificate. Note that, according to the requirements of New York, a marriage license "is valid for 60 calendar days starting from the day it is released." Therefore, even if people are not yet married, they can get married before the end of the year.

Recall that Bieber met with actress and singer Selena Gomez since 2010. Two years later, they broke up. However, as they say, true love does not immediately die. In November 2017, the stars were spotted together at one of the events. A year later, in March, the couple broke up.


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