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Jaw dropped: 20 ingenious interior solutions

This is what happens when a designer gives free rein to his imagination.

Making repairs is not a field move. Sometimes it is worse than moving or even fire. How much nerves, money and time it takes to transform an apartment! Of course, I want the result to please me later. And preferably longer.

Implement in practice now you can almost any idea. And what it will be, depends only on your imagination. Here the main thing - to break away from the usual patterns and come up with something that goes beyond the standard European-style repairs. Many, I must say, it turns out.

Most often excel in the design of bathrooms. What you will not see here: 3D floors with an abyss effect, 3D walls, as if made of giant soap bubbles, plants that “live” right in the walls, a bath in the shape of a hammock, or lights on the floor in the form of fireflies. And the approach to furniture is even steeper. For example, a double rocking bed is like a chair, only a bed. And for children, you can build a bed-house: a staircase leads to it, and under it is a corner for relaxation.

Some manage to arrange the whole bedroom on ocean motifs: a pirate ship, which is actually a bed, is “stuck” in the wall, a rope bridge leads to it, and sea dwellers float along the walls. There are scary little things. For example, a lamp that creates the effect of the shadows of trees due to its wicker lampshade. For the nursery, this is definitely not suitable. And adults may have nightmares. And from voluminous wallpaper it sometimes rocks: it seems that a ripple goes over the surface of the walls, like from an abandoned stone.


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