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Ivan Urgant prepared Patricia Kaas for Russian tours

The French singer will present the new tenth album, Patricia Kaas, to Russian fans, the first in the last 13 years to include only new songs. Patricia Kaas, on a visit to Ivan Urgant, with the help of a TV presenter, learned the names of cities in which the singer will give concerts.
Patricia Kaas visiting Ivan Urgant
Patricia Kaas, on a visit to Ivan Urgant, learned the names of Russian cities
Photo: Belcanto Concert Agency

The first performance will take place on November 21 in St. Petersburg, and the tour will end on December 15 in Voronezh. Mademoiselle Kaas will celebrate his birthday in Kazan. By the way, in an interview with Ivan Urgant, the singer admitted that she did not make any unusual demands on the organizers. “The most important thing is to keep the room warm,” the Frenchwoman smiled.

At the end of the program, Ivan asked Patricia to read the list of cities in which the singer will visit. The most difficult for a Frenchwoman was given such names as Ivanovo and Voronezh.Especially it was not possible to pronounce “Voronezh”. At the same time in 2008, Patricia has already acted in the capital of the Black Soil Region. Then the tour also coincided with the winter period, so for traveling in Russia Patricia chose an elegant coat with a fur collar and stylish boots. Impeccable light make-up and creative hairstyle complemented the image of a sophisticated French woman. Patricia herself does not consider herself an icon of style. The singer has repeatedly admitted that the most important thing in clothes is comfort and convenience.

Patricia Kaas visiting Ivan Urgant
Patricia Kaas visiting Ivan Urgant
Patricia Kaas visiting Ivan Urgant
Patricia Kaas in Voronezh in 2008
Photo: Julia Evteeva
Photo: Julia Evteeva
Photo: Julia Evteeva

If outwardly Patricia Kaas has not changed at all, then there have been changes in the singer's work. The new album, which the actress called her own name, represents a personal story, a frank dialogue with the audience through music. “You will hear me the way I am today,” says the singer. “And you can understand what I feel deep down.” Patricia admits that a new life begins for her, which could not have been born without the experience of past years.

Patricia Kaas’s life is as beautiful and dramatic as her music, which we love and know.She passed a difficult path from a young singer from a mining family who performed in the cabaret of Saarbrucken to a world star with 18 million discs sold and a huge number of fans.

After the success of the outstanding albums Kabaret (2008), dedicated to the great women of the 30s - Marlene Dietrich and Grete Garbo, and Kaas chante Piaf (2013) - an excellent collection of songs by the legend chanson Edith Piaf, Patricia Kaas returns with new material. These albums became stage performances with which the French singer traveled throughout Europe, having been to Russia more than once. For the new album, Patricia Kaas chose several tracks from 35 songs offered by contemporary French authors. Patricia Kaas emphasizes that today there are no taboo topics for her songs.

Patricia offers the audience an album full of elegant, strong and beautiful songs that cause sincere tears to the singer herself. In addition to new songs, Kaas will present in the program such world famous and favorite hits as Mademoiselle chante le blues, Mon mec a moi, Ceux qui n'ont rien, D'Allemagne, Et s'il fallait le faire and others.

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On December 15, Patricia Kaas will perform in the Event-hall of the City-park “Grad”.


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