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Is there a friendship between a man and a woman

When the best friend is a woman

There are women who are not only sure that friendship between different sexes exists, but that this friendship can be strong and eternal. The limit of their trust in their man with his girlfriend is virtually inexhaustible. Such people will be let go of their man in the cinema, if he and his friend have not seen each other for a long time, and the evening gatherings of such “friends” over a bottle of wine will not confuse these wives. The main thing is that a friend be good! At the same time, we have a tacit, friendly obligation to support, especially in difficult times. And here is a strange situation, when a friend with a pipe at his cheeks calms down, and his girlfriend, cooing, complains about his chosen one, asks a man for advice or asks for a meeting to irrigate a friendly waistcoat with tears. Some individuals even manage to pull the adviser with visual questions, sending their photos almost in their underwear with only one “interest”: what do you think he will like? The main thing is that the angle will always be winning, and the frame will be retouched.

Is there a friendship between a man and a woman

I consider such a relationship between a man and a woman to be a blatant provocation, which is rarely brought before the add. You can be a flamethrower, but if your work is fire, you will still get burned sooner or later. Well, where do legs grow from such rubber tolerance? The need to chat "separately" or to support a girlfriend, if that is bad, should make you, the legitimate companion of a man, wonder why you are always superfluous in this company? Friendship, where a friend can easily express a desire to meet only with your husband in private, is the first bell that women are trying to take possession of your territory. And if a man with foaming at the mouth protects the innocence of a girlfriend and accuses you of excessive jealousy, then your borders are simply violated and your dignity is violated.

Friendson or friendship?

It is not just that there is a steady idea that friendship between a man and a woman continues exactly as long as there is hope for a shared future with one of the gender-different “friends”. Men's frendzona - this is a classic comic genre. A patient friend of the shoulder in time will substitute, snot-tears will wither and then imperceptibly replace an unwanted new ex.

Even more incomprehensible is the situation where you are just starting to meet, and your man at this moment is surrounded by caring friends. That is, you in this strange company - the actual beginner, who for some reason sniffed and looked closely

Perhaps, of course, one of the girlfriends is the one with whom he was picking himself in the sandbox, also the father's best friend's daughter. It turns out that this practically a member of the family really has the right to transfer a man from your lordly shoulder to your dearest hands: “Take care of our boy, is he a miracle? After all, she is with him for fifteen years, and you are a parishioner, perhaps temporary! Of course, there are other, less significant girlfriends: they can listen to his complaints, occasionally drink coffee with him, perhaps even spend some time together and very actively pretend that they are only interested in friendship - and in other thoughts they didn’t even ! And then they will catch a wave of his suddenly bad mood and whisper with a breath in his ear: “Oh, well, you have changed so much with it, you look constantly tired, it does not take care of you”. Both, in my opinion, completely abnormal!

Is there a friendship between a man and a woman

About truth and friendship with families

In fact, everything is very simple: the reaction and behavior of the man is important. Does he allow such casting and allows his friends to pry into his choice, or does she keep her distance, and she puts the girl on an honorary pedestal of primacy. And the woman herself needs to be able to distinguish a la girlfriends from good acquaintances! Really good friends will not come to hell, and they will not claim time spent exclusively with him alone. Most often, a man very quickly introduces such friends to his woman, after which everyone communicates together, meeting in common companies and having fun. Such true friendship necessarily goes into the format of friendship with families, and for many, their children begin to be friends with each other in the future.

But if a man protects his “true friendship” with all phalanges, considering it normal to spend one's free time tête-à-tête with a girlfriend, and even accusing you of childish jealousy and tyranny, then think about the fact that he did not put you on a pedestal . And this is not a correct installation for a happy family life!


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