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Is there a brownie in the house?

Many people believe that an invisible creature lives with them in the house. Quite possible. This may be a brownie, or the spirit of the house. But how to check whether there really is a gossip in the house, how one can detect his presence and whether it is necessary to be friends with him.

House keeper

What house will exist without a master? A brownie, according to many beliefs, is the owner who keeps order, protects residents, helps the owner with her signs. He becomes a member of the family and helps to increase the well-being of the house, as this is the most gentle and hard-working creature. And the people came up with a lot of words to designate it: He, Himself, Chur, the owner, grandfather, grandfather, bratanushko, sussedko, courtyard, breadwinner, gentleman, bolshok, dobrohotushko, etc.

It is believed that if a bachelor male lives in the house, then the burglar is also a man here. If a single woman, then the brownie is female. The villagers say that in houses where the same family lives for dozens of years, the brownies also live in families, and with the appearance of children in the family, the brownies also have children - the houses.Moreover, it has been noted that it is with infants that homebirds love to “talk”, for them the kid’s gooderness is like a song.

Signs Presence Brownie

But how do you know if there is a brownie and need to be afraid of him. After all, he clearly does not show himself, but only indirect signs point to him. A child, a pet or a very sensitive adult can feel the brownie.

Watching a cat, you can see how it sometimes jumps, for no apparent reason, and runs away. And for some reason the dog starts wagging its tail, looking at an empty place in the corner of the room. This can be explained by the presence of a brownie who loves animals and comes in contact with them.

In general, the brownie loves food and responds to a benevolent attitude. Therefore, you can make friends with him, having prepared some evening treats for the brownie: a glass of milk or wine, a slice of white bread with butter, candy, a slice of cake or cake. Having prepared this, I must say the inviting words “Batyushka Domov, come and eat your dinner”. After that, leave and before sunrise no one enter the room. And returning in the morning, you will notice signs of a night visit to the house-keepers: the wine in the glass will be less, the treats will be bitten.This will be a sign that the brownie is satisfied with you, agrees to communicate and will help.

In the village, it was often noted that a caring brownie could give some sign to the hostess in time to avoid sticking to food, or to come to her at night and comb her hair. There are even such stories that the brownie can feed the animals if the owner forgot to do it.

Instructions for communicating with the brownie

  1. If you have big doubts about how to check if there is a goblin, then incomprehensible things happening in your house can debunk them: steps, noises, knocks, change of state of affairs, etc. This means that the brownie shows his presence here and you need to cajole him.
  2. If in a village house the presence of a brownie is not questioned by tenants, then the opinion about whether there is a brownie in an urban-type apartment often fluctuates. And in vain. Because the brownie chooses a house not by its type, but by its inhabitants. He will be equally grateful for the refreshments for him both in the house and in the apartment.
  3. Often indulge the brownie by pouring a glass of milk and placing a saucer with honey. It is not scary if the cat tries to milk, because the brownie can choose her body and perfectly exist in it, protecting your home from harm.
  4. We must talk to the brownie. Better to do it out loud and loud. You can thank, and you can ask for help.Without forgetting about the treat, and saying that it is intended for him.
  5. You should not waste and excite the rest of the brownie, often turning to him. Only in case of emergency and a problem arises. Otherwise, he may get angry and punish, bringing the house owners to insanity.

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