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Can I get pregnant after giving birth?

In our time, the question of whether you can get pregnant after giving birth is very relevant. If at the time of our grandmothers during lactation it was almost impossible to become pregnant, today this statement is not an argument. The so-called lactational amenorrhea was considered the best means of contraception, but at present it is unreliable. Lactational amenorrhea involves feeding the baby every 3 hours with a night interval of 6 hours. Thus, the activation of the mammary glands, which is promoted by the hormone prolactin, blocks the work of the ovaries. That's the way it is, but there are a lot of “buts”. Not every young mother can say with confidence that such a schedule is strictly adhered to. Moreover, the lactation period in our time is accompanied by various lure for babies. As a result, the mammary glands do not work properly. But even if the interval between feeding and work of the mammary glands is observed in full, there are several other factors that can contribute to an unexpected pregnancy after giving birth.

Chance to get pregnant after giving birth

Now the question is: is it possible to get pregnant after giving birth if there are no periods? In medical practice, there have been such cases, and not just once or twice, but very often. Women become pregnant after giving birth in almost a month. That is, uterine bleeding ends, and the woman begins to establish their intimate relationships and is not protected. If the first menstruation does not come, it is not a reason to refuse contraception. Monthly no, but with the first menstrual cycle, which, by the way, many women are unaware, conception may occur. Menstruation may not begin until six months, that is, until the woman's body recovers. But for the processes of ovulation, the absence of menstruation is not a ban on conception. And in fact, the answer to the question of when you can get pregnant after giving birth will be 4-5 weeks. Yes, this possibility may be one of 100 or even more, but the probability still exists.

Hormonal imbalance

Another scenario. As a rule, modern childbirth is faster due to stimulating drugs that are injected into the woman’s body to ease her anguish and speed up the birth process.These drugs can affect hormones, which subsequently leads to changes in the work of some systems. Health, in general, these drugs do not work, at least, experts say so. But in the end there is a hormonal imbalance that contributes to the new pregnancy. Hormonal imbalance is also observed when the course of pregnancy has some abnormalities and without stimulating drugs during childbirth, and possibly without other drugs.

If a woman is young and does not have serious health problems, including gynecological, the percentage of positive answers to this question increases. Yes, you can become pregnant immediately after childbirth, the young body is quickly restored, and under the influence of many factors, pregnancy can occur. Contraception and contraception again in the period of restoring intimate relationships! Better yet, allow the body to recover from childbirth and begin sex life after 6 weeks. So you can protect your body.

Get pregnant after giving birth, it turns out, you can. And how long after birth can you get pregnant? After a successful birth, a new pregnancy can occur within 4 weeks.


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