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Is it possible to eat fish?

In different situations, a person is faced with the question - is it possible to eat fish? For example, during gestation or breastfeeding of a child, most women cannot decide whether to include fish in their diet? In addition to pregnant and lactating women, this dilemma arises in almost all people who keep cats or dogs at home. To understand - it is necessary to consider each of the categories.

Fish in the diet of a pregnant woman

Why do doctors advise to beware of eating fish and products made from it while waiting for a child? Usually the precautions against eating fish for a pregnant woman are related to the fact that she is an allergen. But, the same fish product, has many useful properties - it contains minerals, taurine, vitamins of group B. So, is it possible for pregnant women to fish? Yes, but a pregnant woman should remember: in this position you should not eat raw or thermally under-processed fish, and the dishes that contain it. Preference should be given steamed (in a double boiler), or in the oven.

Fish menu for nursing

Can I feed, add fish to your diet? A nursing woman needs to be careful when choosing this product to eat. Also, do not experiment with raw, and half finished - too likely to infect unpleasant diseases (worms, opestorhoz, parasites). It is advisable to stop the choice on marine fish in order to reduce the likelihood of parasites that are more likely to attack river dwellers. And, of course, fish should be thermally treated thoroughly - with steam or brass heat. Usually, fried fish in a griddle after eating a nursing mother causes colic in a child. You should also give preference to the so-called red fish - salmon, which does not have the ability to accumulate harmful chemicals.

Fish for baby

Many mothers think - and, is it possible to give a child a fish? Self-cooked fish, to be introduced into the baby's feeding, should be attained at the age of one. The basic rule when choosing a fish for a small child - it should be with the least amount of bones, and, preferably, of marine origin.Fish can be boiled together with vegetables - potatoes, carrots. Two-year-old child can offer fried fish in vegetable oil. To do this, before frying, fish is moistened in milk and rolled in flour. Remove the skin before serving. In three years, the child can diversify the fish menu with sauces.

Eating fish before communion

Orthodox believers often face the question - is it possible to fish before communion? The existing charter on abstaining from any kind of food is oriented, basically, to monastic ministers. For an ordinary worldly citizen, it is not always possible to comply with all the canons of this statute - besides the ban on fish, there are many other restrictions on food. For example, on certain days - a complete rejection of the meal. Therefore, to resolve this issue, it is best to personally contact the spiritual father.

Every cat has a fish

Caring owners of cats are interested in - can cats fish? And, not for nothing - because the fish can cause the development of urolithiasis in a fluffy pet, due to the large amount of phosphorus and magnesium. These two elements are components of struvites - urinary stones.To avoid cat urolithiasis, fish should be given several times a week, that is, fish should not form the basis of the diet. As well as humans, cats need to be served fish in cooked form in order to avoid the effects of parasites and the breeding of worms. It is best for cats to cook sea fish (trout, cod, salmon), because it contains less sharp small bones that can damage the pet's gastrointestinal tract.

Dogs love fish too

Ah, can dogs, fish? Basically, this issue is caused by the negative effect of the enzyme thiaminase, which destroys vitamin B1, which is important for a dog's health. But nevertheless, it is worth adding fish to the dog’s diet because, in addition to thiaminase, it contains protein, iodine, vitamin A and various amino acids that contribute to the full development of the pet. Fish dogs, like cats, should be given a couple of times a week in boiled form. From sea fish you should choose capelin, pollock, sprat, hake.


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