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Is it possible to develop a psychic abilities

Is it possible to develop extrasensory abilities

Is it possible to develop extrasensory abilities

Surely many of us would like to have extrasensory abilities. To anticipate future events, to have search abilities, to cure other people and the like, but, alas, not many of us are rewarded with similar abilities. Some have such abilities from early childhood, someone discovers them in themselves already when they are quite mature, so how do psychic abilities come to be found in people? And is there a possibility of their independent development?


Since ancient times, it is believed that extrasensory capabilities are exclusively a gift that is inherited directly and manifested in early childhood. However, the abilities of a psychic are actually present in virtually every person, just some of the people are more sensitive and have more developed intuition.First, before you begin to develop your psychic abilities, carefully look at your intuition, how well you have developed it. Do you have the ability to anticipate events, to what extent you are an insightful person.


Surely, almost everyone noticed that young children have a rather developed intuition. For example, children are able to calculate the "bad" this uncle, or "good" only by looking at the person, in some cases they are even able to foresee who can come to visit today. Growing up in kindergarten, then at school, at university, we learn a world in which logic reigns as a ball, and we are taught to think logically, according to reason. During this period, the left brain develops the most, which is directly responsible for logic, while ahead of the right hemisphere, which is directly responsible for originality, creativity, unusual sensitivity and the like.


However, even despite the fact that we are more under the control of the mind, the sixth sense, however, sometimes makes itself felt. It is likely that in your life there have been situations where:


• It happens that you are at the right time at the right place, for example, you need to take a certain thing from your friend, and you suddenly meet him on the bus or on the street ...

• You are overwhelmed with a feeling of excitement, you have a premonition that something will surely happen, that the telephone will always ring, and even before you pick up the phone, you can guess who it is calling ...

• Recently, you met someone whom you are able to understand from a half-word, and it seems to you that you have known him for quite some time ...



With many people this happens all the time.



Every person has a gift of intuition, and it is quite possible to learn how to manage it, just like learning how to play one of the musical instruments or some kind of sports game. In order for your inner voice to manifest itself much more often, for this you need to do a kind of gymnastics for the right cerebral hemisphere.


After this, we will present an example of an exercise, thanks to which you will be able to figure out what kind of feeling you have developed most of all, and in this way you will also create your own profile of a psychic. Then you will need to read the text written below.After reading this text, you will have to close your eyes, take a deep breath and relax, trying to imagine everything you will read.


“You are sitting on a sandy river beach, on a cloudless summer day. You hear the cry of seagulls. You are on the beach, and you feel how your skin is warmed by the rays of the sun. You take off your shoes and feel the friable warm sand of the beach with your feet. You hear the child frolic in the water, he calls to play his sister to play the ball. You understand that the heat has already overcame you, and you want to drink. You rise and slowly go to the nearby shop with ice cream, from which there is coolness. You buy ice cream "fruit ice" and you feel the pleasant aroma of strawberries, feel its taste in the mouth, and how do you feel melting ice cream through your fingers ... "

Is it possible to develop extrasensory abilities

Is it possible to develop extrasensory abilities

Now close your eyes and imagine the picture described above.

Open your eyes and give honest answers to these questions:

1. Did you see the river and the ice cream shop?

2. Have you heard how the seagulls and children scream?

3. Could you feel the sand, the coolness of the store and a drop of ice cream?

4.Did you feel the flavor of strawberries?

5. Did you taste the ice cream?

6. What kind of feelings did you have when sitting on the beach?


Try to understand by your answers what feeling was the brightest of all. Since in the future it is precisely this very feeling that you will rely on by learning how to catch intuitive foresight.


It should be said that mastering auto-training, developing figurative thinking, self-hypnosis, developing the ability to accumulate bioenergy in your body and directly control it, as well as the ability to focus your attention, is considered one of the main methods of developing extrasensory abilities.


What is very characteristic of sorcerers of white magic and psychics is the fact that, in turn, they heal the soul and energy of man, and the soul directly heals the biological structure of the human body. And if the human eye does not remove the evil eye, slander, frighten or not correct its bioenergy framework, then in such a case there can be a reincarnation of violations in the energy sector into biological disorders.


The sorcerers of white magic are able to restore the disturbed harmony of man and nature, and at the same time can eliminate almost all violations on the energy level.


When psychics have an impact on a person with the help of energy, they themselves are discharged, and therefore, they must periodically replenish the spent resources of their bioenergy, because if they are not compensated, then the psychic may well have an imbalance of energy in the body, and in turn can damage his personal health.


Psychics are able to recharge in different ways: from the sun, from space, water, and directly from other energy systems, everything depends on his personal preferences and individual abilities.


If you do not have the ability to restore your own bio-energy, to heal other people, you are strictly forbidden.


Speaking directly about spells, and various prayers, the magician needs them in order to perform self-tuning, which can directly allow him to focus on his own thoughts. And only at the expense of concentration of the thought the opportunity of release of bioenergy which allows to work miracles is given.


It must be remembered that a person can accumulate energy well only when his own nervous system is calm and completely balanced.When a person becomes irritated, he may lose a large amount of energy. In the case when a person experiences very strong emotions of envy or fear, this can also weaken his energy. In order for the energy to be in a normal state, it is necessary to produce exclusively kindness within oneself.


It is worth taking into account the fact that during the accumulation of energy one of the main parts with any method of accumulation of energy by the body is considered the figurative imagination of the process of accumulation of this energy.


As you accumulate energy, you need to feel how it will penetrate into your body, into all organs, into all the cells of your body. The more clearly you present this, the more effective its set will be.


As for the development of intuition and the so-called sixth sense, for this purpose you can apply some tuning exercises.

Is it possible to develop extrasensory abilities

Is it possible to develop extrasensory abilities

To develop a sixth sense, it is necessary to arrange physical exercises as often as possible, they will not take you much time, but it is simply necessary to do so. Be sure to set yourself a task, take a very deep breath and concentrate on your inner self.Different psychics are configured differently, but speaking of beginners, they should try to concentrate on the place in the middle of their forehead, just above the eyes, because it is here, as Eastern wisdom says, that the third person’s eye is located. Also, developing your intuition, try to enjoy it.


• When you are waiting at the bus stop, bus or route taxi, then guess the number of the bus that will arrive first.

• When you hear the phone ringing, try to guess who is calling at the moment.

• Before looking at the clock, try to determine the time yourself.

• When you wake up, try to catch the character of the news. First, try to feel the mood: whether the news will be positive or negative.


With this kind of small exercises and the like, you will develop your psychic abilities and be able to find out how people feel about you and whether they love you.


According to psychics, each week of exercise will bring you more and more success, you will be able to anticipate more and more everyday trifles. The main thing in these workouts is that you can distinguish extrasensory information from logical thinking.


In order to feel the intuitive power and feel confident in their own abilities, it is strongly recommended to keep a diary. Get a notebook for this purpose, which will be very easy to carry around with you. In this notebook, you will record the results of your exercises, cases of noted matches, and so on. While keeping such records, do not comprehend or edit the data. Record automatically, you can use pictures and the like. Best of all, people are able to learn on the basis of their mistakes, and only in time will you understand how right you were. It may even happen that the information you write down as nonsense can intersect with real life, because you cannot yet decipher the signals of the so-called sixth sense accurately. Also write in the diary and dreams, pictures that you just want to portray. But do not forget that you need to put a date on every record.


Quite a few are able to uncover the abilities of a psychic after incidents of clinical death, electric shock, lightning and the like. It most likely happens after stress,which was experienced by the body, and the right hemisphere begins to function much better, people begin to better understand their sixth sense, and they continue to develop it. It is easier for the body to rebuild, and it begins to work as if from scratch, there is a kind of reboot, and during this period it is very important to choose what to rely on: intuition or logic.


Each person is endowed with hidden abilities and talents, just some are directly involved in their development, and some simply live in accordance with the program of the majority, looking logically at all sorts of events, thereby dulling the sixth sense and intuition. But if you want to develop psychic abilities or just your intuition, then in such a case, just engage in self-development and everything will work out for you, the main thing is to believe in it, and strive to achieve your goal.


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