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# iPhone6legs: another dangerous flash mob from China

Chinese girls do not give up: every month they come up with new fun to demonstrate their fragility and thinness. We didn’t have time to discuss the flash mob under the hashtag # A4waist (when the participants tried to hide the waist behind a sheet of A4 paper), as they launched a new entertainment - they measure the thinness of their knees using the iPhone 6: you should attach the phone to your knees and upload the picture to Instagram. The formula for measuring is simple: a 138.1 mm long phone should not extend beyond the legs.

Some participants are trying to use the iPhone 6 Plus and immediately receive disapproving comments in the spirit of: “I would even put an iPad on my knees”. But there are other comments: “The one who came up with this flash mob should be given the medal“ The most stupid idea of ​​the year ”, and we will probably agree with that.


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