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Intravenous injection

My mother was in the hospital. Today she was allowed to go home, but the treatment should be continued and intravenous injections should be given. Tell me where in Moscow you can turn to make injections?
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Answered on January 24 01:40
Talk to the nurses at the hospital where your mom was lying. I think they will agree to give her injections, only you need to agree on where and when to do them.
Answered on January 24 01:45
The main thing is to find a nurse who easily makes intravenous injections, because not everyone has well-defined veins. My veins are poorly visible, and once one nurse had punctured her entire arm — she could not get into the vein, and the other easily made injections.
Answered on January 24 01:52
It seems to me that there is no need to save on health, because with treatment the result is important and it is impossible to delay it in any way. I would consider a clinic where, in addition to injections, your mother would be under the supervision of a doctor. For example, you can do intravenous injections at this medical center. Contact them, you may need their schedule and prices.
AGa tta
AGa tta
Answered on February 4, 14:58
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