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Interior modeling programs

What are interior design programs for and what are they?

The ability to simulate an apartment or house of your dreams before you start repairing an apartment or building a house, allows you to create a variety of interior options and choose the best and most optimal ones. You will be able to think in advance about the options for design solutions and furniture placement, solve the problem with engineering communications and points of their connection, up to determining the location of outlets. In addition, you can determine the surface area of each surface � walls, ceilings, and floors � to calculate how much finishing materials you will need and how much they will cost you.
Naturally, professional architects and designers have long made such software products their working tool. And, since the work of the specialists of these professions is highly demanded and highly valued, specialized professional-level programs are very, very expensive.Of course, they can be mastered by a non-specialist who sets himself the goal and wants to create a model of his future apartment or house in all details. For such enthusiasts, programmers had to develop simplified versions that provide an ample set of effective tools for interior design; they cost several times less. But, if you are not going to spend money on it, you can download several free computer programs on the Internet, the capabilities of which are enough for you to solve a simple task of placing furniture and counting finishing materials.

Paid interior modeling programs

One of the most popular professional tools is the Autodesk 3ds max software product. Development of projects in this program allows you to get interior models stunning with their reality, similar to the photos. The main functional difference is the lack of ready-made image libraries, and you will need to draw each object from scratch. The cost of a single-user version is more than 100,000 rubles. But the existing toolkit allows you to add any elements of the premises: stairs, walls, doors and windows, and finished images, if desired, can be found on the Internet.If you are not afraid of the complexity, the developers of Autodesk 3ds max offer a training version for free, the only difference between the finished model created in it is the presence of a watermark.
Another professional program, a simplified version of which will cost �only� 12,000 rubles, Arcon Eleco. Unlike 3ds max, it has the ability to use ready-made libraries, which greatly simplifies and speeds up the process of creating a model of the interior of any room. It has a simple interface with which you can easily get started. The quality of visualization is also quite high; it has the ability to convert to popular exchange formats: DXF, DWG, HPG, 3DS, PLT.

Free interior modeling software

When you want to save, you can download for free and master one of those programs, which will be discussed below.
The popularity of non-professional users enjoys Sweet Home 3D, which has built-in libraries, and quite extensive. If you are not satisfied with the proposed range of objects, you can always find what you need on the Internet. This software product works under all operating systems, but there is also a special version, which does not require installation on your computer at all.It is quite simple - draw walls, specify the locations of windows and doorways and, using libraries, select and arrange furniture in the rooms, up to pots of flowers. The visualization in this program is quite conditional, but it is possible to choose the colors of wall and floor coverings.The site of the program Sweet Home 3D has libraries of objects created by users, and a video file is posted that teaches how to work in it.
The omnipresent Google has not stood aside in matters of interior design - it offers its own software product SketchUp. With it, you can create not only three-dimensional models of buildings and structures for Google Earth, but also to design interiors for interior spaces and even personal plots. A feature of this program is the dynamic objects created in it that automatically change dimensions and parameters when changing scale, for example, the number of stair steps increases or decreases in accordance with the resizing. Drawn objects are placed "in place" and stretched to the desired size, and are not created for the specified.The program has a built-in daylight modeling system, which is quite convenient.
If you do not want to download the program to your computer, use Autodesk Homestyler, which is loaded directly in the browser. The interior is created using ready-made libraries.

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