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Interesting hairstyles for school (11 photos)

School time is already in full swing, the first calls have long been echoed, white bows are tucked away in the closet, and now the question arises of how simple and beautiful to collect the child's hair, because the school haircut, whatever one may say, answers just a few moments.

First, it should be stylish and even slightly business, because the child at school, “works”, learns the mind to the mind, so the hair should not interfere, look disheveled or, worse, defiant.

Beautiful and simple

And secondly, it's still a children's hairdo, which should leave a touch of ease and immediacy. Well, the boy cut his head, washed his hair, gently combed his hair and the haircut to school is ready, you do not have any torment and reasoning, but things are more difficult for girls, but we can cope with this, of course.

It’s not difficult to learn how to make beautiful and simple hairstyles for girls, just devote a few minutes of your precious time to this, or maybe you will learn something for yourself and, over time, teach your child how to look stylish and elegant quickly.

After all, a girl, at what age she would not be, should always look perfect, fashionable and tasteful, which, first of all, is expressed in the ability to properly and harmoniously put her hair. We will offer you a selection of the most simple and relevant hairstyles for school, which will be able to emphasize the individuality of your child, make the image bright and direct.

Two pigtails and original hairstyle ready

What is most interesting, but fashion is a very capricious and changeable lady, today she likes one thing and tomorrow is completely different, but one thing remains eternal - hairstyles always remain the same, they just constantly change some details or accessories. Well, for example, how old is the hairstyle tail or braid? But they still enter the ranks of the most comfortable, beloved and stylish hairstyles among children, young people and already mature women!

What hairstyle can be done quickly to the child?

Cute ponytails

The simplest version of the hairstyle, which is ideal for girls-schoolgirls - this is the usual tail, but there is one "but." The simplest version of the tail on the crown is quite possibly not the best solution for a child, firstly, it’s not for everyone, and secondly, it’s already fun.

Tail doesn't have to be simple

Therefore, we will try to experiment by adding additional elements such as a pile or several pins, unusual weaving or asymmetry. By itself, the tail - an elementary hairstyle, which can be made seconds in thirty, but at the same time get a very interesting result.

For example, we'll try the tail "backside", for this we collect the hair down at the back of the neck into a regular tail and tie it with an elastic band. Above the rubber band in the hair we make a small hollow, then we completely miss the entire tail, it turns out to be a very interesting effect, and if the tail is missed twice, it will turn out even nicer, but here you need to rely on the length of the hair. And do not tighten much, it is better that this hairstyle looked freer.

For beautiful and confident girls

Another option is a tail with a pile, for this we select a strand that is located directly above the forehead, we brush it well, we pin it with non-recognizable hairpins, and collect the rest of the hair into a neat, smooth tail. Gum is better to hide the curl of the hair, so the hair looks more presentable.

It is very interesting to look curly hair gathered in the tail, it is especially advantageous to release a few flirty strings on the sides, give the hair freedom and even slight negligence.

A little confusion does not hurt

Again, the good old "ponytail", but do not leave the tail itself normal, but lightly tuck it, or, for example, weave several braids into it.

Very small children fit two tails, decorated with beautiful hair accessories, the child just like this idea, especially if they are to portray favorite cartoon or movie characters. When, if not in childhood, use a variety of cute hoops with bows and flowers, colored elastic bands and barrettes?

By the way, it is not necessary to make a regular straight parting - experiment with oblique and zigzag variants, easy, but very interesting!


The next convenient and, in a way, unique hairstyle is a braid, all its varieties and variations, which are invented by mankind in immense quantities.

Experiment with braids

It is clear that every day weaving something tricky, complex and unique is unreal, especially for busy parents, but there are some simple options that you can easily master.

The easiest and most interesting option is to take a child to the master, where hundreds of African braids will be braided to him, it is very unusual, you can easily go for two weeks without looking at all, but every time you will not do this hairstyle.

Another option is the French braids, spikelets and their varieties, some of them also keep on the head for several days, or even weeks, they can be combined with tails or pigtails, there are many options, the main thing is to learn how to braid such beauty.

A little effort and you will learn how to weave braids

The simplest ways are the usual braid, but even you can decorate it with a beautiful hairpin, start weaving from the horse's tail, pulling out the curls from the finished hairstyle to give it volume, with such an unusual pigtail is not at all ashamed to go to school. And what are all sorts of "fish tails" on one or more braids, "pigtail in a pigtail"?

You will be the queen of the school

By the way, the latest hairstyle is very simple in execution, but very unusual and interesting as a result. To do this, it is enough to braid a small braid from one curl, and then use it as one of the components of an ordinary pigtail, try it, and you will be surprised at the resulting beauty!

Hairstyles to school for teens

Adolescence is the most difficult and, periodically, not giving in to special control, therefore you are unlikely to be able to insist on “cute bows and flowers”, the child has the right to choose what he likes.

Curls are always relevant

At this age, many young ladies are prone to loose hair, good, in modern educational institutions on such hairstyles there are no restrictions. Still, loose hair is not always appropriate, periodically interfere and climb into the eyes, confused and cause considerable discomfort.

To do this, to avoid such problems, you can decorate the hair with a scythe, which will collect strands that constantly interfere in front, but leave the main part of hair loose. You can try braiding the boho hairstyle on a bang, which is very popular among young people, or you can style your hair with stylish and neat headbands.

Sometimes styling is enough

Instead of a pigtail on loose hair, you can make a small bunch or tail, stabbed with an elastic band or a pair of Invisibles. To give volume, you can make a little bouffant in the bangs, this element is incredibly fashionable this season.

For stylish girls

Also, adult girls are very much to face with all adorable bunches - neat and very comfortable hairstyles, light in execution, but incredibly feminine and graceful. Modern fashion is gradually moving away from low beams, now at the peak of popularity - beams collected high at the crown.As you can see, in this case there is nothing complicated, and even the busiest and laziest can look modern and elegant under the force.

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